Surprise of Love


I would like to tell you once again that you are love, are loved, and give love. Think of me today, and oblige Me with your giving My love everywhere today.

I give you a purse of love today, and your assignment is to spend it for Me. Spend it freely.

Be thinking: What ways can I bestow God's love from this purse to others that will make my God happy?

Your theme for the day is: What can I do today to make God happy? I do not ask much, do I, but today I ask you to make Me happy.

Here is the purse filled with My love today. It is a drawstring purse. Open it and parcel out the love contained within it to My other children for Me. You do it for Me, will you?




Then tonight you find that instead of the purse being empty, it is filled to overflowing.

Keep track today of the love you give on My behalf. It does not have to be big love. Little tokens of love are good. Pass out many. In fact, spill the love out if you wish. Surprise people with it. Surprise yourself!



Dear Heavenly Father, at Mawiyah's request, I ask You what You would like to tell her, what messages you have for her, what insights. Is this all right with You for me to ask on Mawiyah's behalf?


It is more than all right. Mawiyah is an angel of angels. She is a galaxy in the sky unto herself. Mawiyah shines a bright light for all of heaven and for the lonely world. Mawiyah's presence sends forth peace, joy, and limitless light.

My message to Mawiyah:

You are a sister of the universe. Your soul sweeps across the universe and beyond.

You fit beside Me in Heaven. You anticipate My Will. You afford Me great pleasure and great good.

You are an emissary of love, a pulsating star that lights the corners and succors the earth.

You are a moon with its satellites.

You are the bright rays of the sun.

You are My Voice and My Way.

You are gentle winds and gentle rains.

You are blue sky and cloudless days.

You are Myself, ever unwinding coils of love for all.

You are a golden thread of My heart, spun out for centuries to capture hearts and sing songs.

You are a singer of My song.

You are blessed and you bless. You are a blessing.

You are a moment of truth.

You are My child. You are My offspring, and you are My fulfillment.

Many treasures are stored for you Mawiyah. Where are they stored? Everywhere. Look for them. Notice them. Call to them. You are part of a congregation of hearts.

You are a grapevine whose leaves shade and whose fruits quench thirst.

You are Mawiyah, the singer of souls. You have only begun, dear Mawiyah. And there is no ending.

Remember that I travel with you. I escort you everywhere. You are never alone, for I and a host of angels surround you in love and joy.

Do you feel the angels dancing around you? Do you feel the connectedness of all beings, one with the other, entwined in a cosmic dance of love?

Do you hear the flute player? He calls to you.

List your desires, Mawiyah, and they shall be done. Have big desires, even exorbitant wild ones.

Multiply joy. Pick flowers. Weave a fairy ring. Make a bower of roses. Name a tree.

See me around every corner. Send people to me. Point the way.

I am well-pleased with my beautiful child, Mawiyah, and I shower blessings on her like a sweet mist, and I behold her magnificence and embrace it. I will have more to say in the morning.

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Lovely Sutra

Beautiful sutra! Hearing it, I have unzipped my Heart-Purse giving to all the Love-Money I receive from God non-stop!
Thank You God & Gloria for this lovely sutra