Sunlight and Shadow

God said:

Remember that you are not the only thing going on in the world. Sometimes the things you feel are reflections from the world. What you feel and think certainly are reflected in the world, but others' thoughts and feelings are also reflected in you. You catch a ball, as it were, and you think it is yours.

You ask where it came from, but you attribute its arrival to something deep within you, or you blame it on outside forces, and, it is true that sometimes you are an innocent bystander. But wherever anxiety comes from, from within you or extended to you and taken within, you don't want to pay it so much heed. Do not take it so seriously. It is but a passing shadow fallen on your brow. The sun comes by and by and moves the shadow away.

What is not seen as light must be shadow. Shadow is light shaded. It is light covered up by something. But light is only covered. It is not dismantled. Without light, there could not be shadow. But light exists with or without shadow. Light is not dependent upon shadow for its existence. Light falls upon shadow, and the shadow is gone. The shadow never influenced the light. Light disregards shadow.

Or sometimes light plays on shadow, plays peek-a-boo, blinks shadow around, peeks under it, overlays it, but light is playing with itself. Light is light-footed. Dark is heavy-footed. Light is fundamental. Shadow is not.

Light is quiet. It has a steady influence. It is overt. It does not sneak. It is as plain as day.

You can be in a good mood, or a dark mood. Consider mood as light itself. In that case, you are always light, so you are always in a good mood, only sometimes your mood is covered by shadow. Shadows come and go, so you think moods come and go, but the basis of mood is light. Light never left you, yet you believe the cover-up more than you believe the light. You go by shadow often.

Do not think that going by your moods is going by your heart. Your true heart does not fluctuate. It beats true. Listening to your heart is not the same as listening to your mood. Be out of mood mode.

Moods are transient. They are will-o'-the wisps. You can't go by them. You cannot depend on them. They change before your very eyes. They are illusive. But light is not.

You would not lean on a sapling. You would lean on an oak tree. Yet you lean on your moods. Often you let them rule you.

A mood is a mood. That is all it is. And you are far more than your moods. Rise above an ailing mood.

You can turn on the light in your heart whenever you wish. You can turn it on right now. It is easy.

Darkness does not have to possess you. You can look at dark feelings as you would anything that passes by you. You can go on to the next feeling. Or you can be a passer-by of a mood that grips you. You don't have to be gripped by it. You can laugh at it.

Dark is to be laughed at, for it is nothing but shadow. It is a clown, or it is a drama queen, but, in any case, you can laugh at it. You don't have to revere it or go by it. You can take it off like a reckless scarf. Unwind the mood, and toss it in a corner somewhere.

Do not give credence to your moods. Why should you? There is a steady ray of light that shines brightly through you that casts no shadow. There is no need to let your light be shadowed when you can stand brightly in Mine.