Suddenly It's Spring I

God said:

If you are not yet able to love everyone as you would like to, then can you be without a sense of having to get back at a seeming other or showing him what’s what or teaching him a lesson or sticking up for yourself or asserting your rights in some way?
What you can really give up is your sense of being wronged. When you can give up your sense of having been wronged, attacked, or defied in some way, much tension leaves. Then you no longer see the seeming other as an opponent, and you can then come to a certain relaxation that can even be called peace. I think you can come to this. Truly, in the depth of your heart, with this simple thought that the seeming other is not out to get you, even your thoughts of negativity toward him go away. Rather than fight another, even internally, really and truly, you can let go of your resentment and be a friendly bystander or even friend, who wishes seeming others well. I know you would rather life be like this.
You don’t manufacture this greater awareness, you understand, you come to it.
If you would like seeming others to release any animosity they may feel toward you, cannot you release your build-up of animosity toward them?
I come back to reminding you that your resistance to another comes not from the other, but from within you. No matter how the other person looks at you or what he says to you, you are looking at yourself and you are hearing yourself. It appears to you that the seeming other on some level does not think much of you. This may or may not be true. Nevertheless, it is you who doesn’t think enough of yourself and so deep down you deem him responsible for your discomfort. Perhaps you blame the seeming other for not fulfilling something within you, or the seeming other may remind you of someone from your long ago past. Even as you do not remember anyone from the past that the seeming other reminds you of, you are reacting to something in the other that you project upon him. The one before you is not responsible for your reactions.
We can even put this in another way. There is something for you to learn from this seeming other. No matter how incorrect, inadequate or defiant to you the seeming other may appear or perhaps be, you have an issue within yourself. You are making something of this that it is not. There is a breach between Oneness, and you are making this breach. You are responsible. Otherwise, I tell you frankly that your feathers would not be ruffled. You would not be upset. If the person happens to be your employer or your employee, and a situation or perception has to be resolved, as much as another may have to widen his point of view, so do you also. The seeming other sees differently from you, and you see differently from the seeming other as well. That’s obvious, yet you and the other do not see something that is there for you to see.
And so what you have to do is to start listening. If a seeming other is antagonistic to you, there is something for you to see that you do not presently see. When you begin to understand another’s seeming opposition to you, it will sink in to you that you have been as un-understanding as the seeming other, and, therefore, beloved, if I may say so, you may be the person difficult to deal with.
The main thing you have to know is that the other is not your foe. He is simply as un-understanding as you. With the realization that the seeming other has no malice to you, your resistance to the other leaves, and you find yourself already feeling more friendly, more that you and the seeming other are, after all, friends rather than opponents. Wouldn’t you rather?
Then, suddenly, it’s spring.

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You don’t manufacture this

You don’t manufacture this greater awareness, you understand, you come to it.

that resonates more with me than I can possibly understand, thank You God.

the seeming other has no malice to you

This my Father is what it's all about!
This is the main teaching we Humans have to understand.Give me more.
Forget the sideline discussions of empowerment and Beauty to enhance our Lives.
This is the focal teaching of bringing Peace into our Lives in an instant.This is how it is done! This is critical for us to understand that the "seeming Other" is reflecting our own internal ruffled and torrential unsettling eddies of discomfort and chaos.
This is how we smooth out the disruptive emotions in our bodies.
This is what will stop all WARS. This will stop all protest and demonstrations in the World.This will stop all potential catastrophies from occuring and encountering with another Brother or Sister.This will stop all fighting with your wife or mate.
This is how one comes to Greater AWARENESS.
I love this practical teaching and the understanding of the underlining factors of why we Humans behave as we do and the panacea of rectifying our glass-house syndrome.
I love how we can instantly come to being Peaceful!
Lying in Green Pastures and settling in besides the still waters!
Love be your name my Father
Peace be Our gait of Life my Father


As I welcome all things to

As I welcome all things to the best of my ability, I feel there is value in letting all discussions have space to be what they are. Who am I to say what is essential for another? Perhaps someone can recognize something of value while discussing empowerment or beauty.

When I see something that brings me a wonderful insight it is natural for me to want to share it with everyone. If I feel a sense of urgency or importance that somebody else must learn the same lesson, I believe it is because I really want to learn the lesson more clearly myself. Teaching peace from a place of peace feels different to me than teaching peace from a place of urgency.

Hello Gloria,

To continue our discussion:

Gloria, you said that during the former years of your life, you had nothing to do with the God and now, you have everything to do with God only, because suddenly it was spring then for you! This wondered me. Have you ever thought upon this...what could be the cause of this sudden pleasant turn in your life journey? Well, this doesn't happen to everybody. It is very rare. Have you ever asked God about this I don't know, but I would like to appease my curiosity if you know the answer.

Talking about favorite Heavenletters, I just remembered - 'Wake up, Sleeping Beauty' is one of my all time favorite Heavenletters. Who suggests the titles for the Heavenletters?

Your questions grab me, and

Your questions grab me, and I have to respond!

But, first, now we have two favorite Heavenletters -- The Meeting of the Stars and Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty!

As to the question of who chooses the titles, sometimes a Heavenletter comes with a title. I like to think God chose it. Otherwise, I choose a title, and it isn't always easy. I do it quickly.

Do you have the Heaven Book -- Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One? In many cases, these are not the original titles but titles I spent a lot of time on. Somewhere there is a list of the original titles along with the changed titles. Let me know if you or anyone would like to see them. When I say I spent a lot of time on, sometimes it was hours of pondering over a month's time perhaps. There are certain kinds of titles I favor.

Otherwise, I do a title in a hurry -- it would be lovely if there were time to find the "right" title but there are so many more things to take care of.

Just a side-note: Whenever I try to remember the title A Meeting of the Stars, I keep thinking it's A Matter of the Stars. Was A Matter of the Stars supposed to be the title, I wonder.

Now to the big question you ask about God in my life. To answer this fully could possibly take a book. I"m pretty sure there is more of this in The Story of Heavenletters, but I'll start fresh.

Certainly, I had some "experiences." Yet God makes very clear that we don't have to have "experiences."

I came from a non-religious home. When I was in my forties, I started meditating, and then I began to realize that I was a spiritual being and that God is. After that and before Heavenletters, I more than sought God. I was adamant. Not long before Heavenletters arrived, I can remember pounding my pillow: "I want to know God, and I WANT TO KNOW I KNOW GOD."

Before I started meditating, I was definitely separate from God and separate from churchgoers etc. I just didn't fit. I had thought it must be wonderful to have grown up in a certain religion etc. I might have yearned for it, yet I always felt an outsider, even ostracized. All those years I didn't consciously know the difference between spiritual and religious. I thought only that God came with religion, and I believe I had a certain amount of envy for those who had religion. I felt left out.

I believe I was always spiritual, and I found some satisfying spiritual discovery, though I wasn't aware of what it it was at the time. Great literature may have been my saving grace.

In high school -- I love to tell this -- I got an A+++ on a book report on The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoievsky. As I look back, in this book were many discussions of God and the meaning of life and also of trying to reconcile the existence of God with man's inhumanity to man.

I have a sense now that all great poetry and the classics are filled with spirituality. I loved Thoreau, Whitman, Emerson who are even called The Transcendentalists. Is search for the meaning of life the same as search for God? Perhaps. If yes, I was a deep seeker longer before I had any awareness of it, and I was a kind of Mr. Magoo who didn't see.

So it couldn't have really been that one day I didn't have God and the next I did. Nevertheless, I had the sense of walking out of darkness into bright sunlight. I was knowingly hooked on God. My life took a most unexpected turn.

God comes to me so much in words, yet God is more real to me than words.

Thanks for asking, Chetan. :)

This is the story in most of

This is the story in most of the cases. Severe thirst, intense yearning for God contact and then spring comes ....suddenly! Contacting God consciousness is like coming home.

I haven't yet purchased any volume of Heavenletters , but I intent to buy a set sooner or later and keep them in our library.Let the fortunate ones come in contact with those letters and read them.

Thanks for your wonderful reply!