Sublimely True

God said:

There is a spark within each one of My beautiful children, a spark that lights up those others called others and onto the world at large. Notice I said every single one of My children, for everyone has that spark within him or her. You have this spark within you. This spark comes from deeper than deep. This is you in your Blazing Glory. You have this spark within you to brighten the world.

Someone who by the world's view is deemed beautiful has this Lighted Light that I speak of, and yet the surface beauty may pall after a while. Someone who in world terms never has had this exterior beauty, nevertheless, has this inner bright light that brightens the world that the exteriorly beautiful do. It is not original to say that surface beauty goes only so deep, yet there is this interior beauty that lights up the world like the stars. Really, what is so beautiful about the stars except for their light that shines out in darkness?

You may not know the light that bursts forth from you. As a baby, you have this light. Fresh from Heaven, you certainly are swathed in this light. And if you are paralyzed, this same light shines forth from you. There is light beyond the physical that is yours. When you feel love, you shine it forth. Light is light wherever it shines from.

Eyes have been called orbs. Eyes have been called the windows of the soul. It is only partly true to say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, for there is a keen beauty within everyone on Earth that shines forth from their lighted eyes. Beneath the tinsel, beneath everything, lies the Light of God. It is located within you, brighter than bright, yet it is not of the physical realm. It is beyond the physical realm. This is True Light as if seen from another realm.

Light revealed is happiness. It is the Glowing Sun within you. Sometimes it is revealed in tears as well, for the light of tears also proclaims love. There are waves of love. Even in sadness, these rays are not diminished. Holy art thou regardless of how many snows may cover your light. Even a quick peek at your light is enough to change the face of the world and to light up all the loneliness the world seems to be filled with and then cloudiness can be done with it.

A world without love is cold. Love lights you up, and love warms you. Love and its light remind you of Heaven. Heaven is more than a place that can or cannot be located. Heaven is within you, and, like Me, is not far away in the sky on the outskirts of the world. You may like Heaven at a distance. You may like to think of Heaven as another world. You may like to think of Heaven as a dream place. Think of it more like where beautiful dreams are dreamt and every dream comes true.

Dreams you dream while you are awake are already true somewhere deep within you.

Such dreams were always true, or waking dreams would not exist.

The New World has always been true. It just wasn't discovered yet. The land Columbus discovered had always been there. It just hadn’t been seen yet by eyes in the rest of the world. The New World already existed just as much as anything in the relative world exists.

Where do dreams exist? Within you, even when you disbelieve your highest dreams. Where does Heaven exist? Within you, even when you don’t believe it. And where do I exist? Within you and within everything existent or non-existent.

You are one of My dreams come true. I was true, and you are true within My Light that also shines within you and outside you. We are true, sublimely true We are One Oneness.

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I feel so safe in Oneness. The Innocence that felt separate and alone and filled with conditions of the wrongness of me disappear in the Oneness of Love. Thank you for this beautiful Heaven Letter.