Stay in Peace

God said:

Let it be easy to stay in peace, and hard to blow up in anger. Anger doesn’t become you. No matter how justified you may feel, anger is not in your best interest. When you are irate, you are not yourself nor are you an example to yourself or to the world.

What are you afraid of that you let anger get the better of you, that you raise your voice or jump out of your seat, or that you fume however it is that you fume?

If anger that rises within you is too much for you, remind yourself that while you are in the heat of anger is not the time to forcibly to discuss it, for it is not a discussion then at all. It is like a raid. It is certainly a tirade. In the heat of anger is not the time to go physically near the supposed cause of your anger. If you cannot contain yourself, then leave the room and take a walk around the block. Under no circumstances, when you are so angry, are you to unleash your anger. Never mind about repression and all that at this time. Above all, when you are so angry, at this time is exactly when you must not vent your anger.

Anger is anger, and anger is not very nice. One lit match lights other matches. Regardless of the circumstances, you are not right to incite or ignite anger. You can keep the extent of your anger to yourself without harm. Otherwise, you escalate anger. Anger is inflammatory, and you will get burned.

This is your anger. No one else is the cause of your anger. No matter what, it is you who got angry. You alone are responsible for your anger. You are responsible for taming it. Anger is not to be the ruler of you. Would you take boiling water and pour boiling water over everyone in the room? Yet you take boiling anger and pour it over the hearts and souls of everyone in the room, the innocent bystanders as well as the presumed guilty.

Let Me tell you something. Anger, no matter how righteous it seems to you, is ego at its prime. You are sure that so and so had no right to say or do whatever it was he said or did. I want to make sure that you know you have no right to get so angry that you lose your cool. You have no right. Feeling furious is one thing. Lashing out your anger is another. Even with anger, you can keep your wits about you. Anger is no excuse for you to create havoc. Anger is nothing to be proud of.

What is it you are so afraid of that you must let everyone know how angry you are? What would happen if you did not have to react angrily? Does anger make you look big or small? What would the gain or loss be to yourself or to the others if you did not fly off the handle?

Do not think you are timid to silence your anger. Do not think you are currying favor to hold in abeyance how livid you feel. Reining in your anger is being responsible, and it takes great strength to keep your anger within bounds. The world does not have to know how angry you are at the moment. Give peace to the world.

And if you really must express your sorry anger, then do it privately with the one person you feel caused your anger. Do not reveal your anger in front of an audience. You are the one who will pay for it, and you pay too high a price for it. When you express your anger in a group, everyone has to pay for your flaunting your anger.

This Heavenletter is meant for you if you are someone who lets your raging anger get the better of you. If you are already someone who keeps your anger within bounds, I congratulate you.

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Thank you very much!

I don't know to send successful in three sentences.One,I'm just a diamond. Second, I like simple pleasures,but peace has never been obtained.Third,do not let other people become bad guys, you always become a good person, I do not want to become others's savior, and do not want to be someone else's victims.

Shorter is clearer, beloved!

Shorter is clearer, beloved!

Who me?

Been struggling with this over a lifetime and have gotten much better at it over the years at the expense of many episodes I wish I could erase from my life video. The value of this message, which certainly is directed directly at me, is that it introduces the idea of absolute commitment to change rather than just trying to do better. Perhaps much like the determination necessary to deal with a true addiction. Maybe there should be a new support group called Anger Anonymous.