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Soup made of squash (zucchini in Italy, courgette in France)

needed for 4 persons :

- 1 union
- 2 squash, zucchini or courgette (500gr)
- 1/2 ltr. milk
- 2 cubes broth ( we prefer chicken, but vegetarian could be used as well)
- 1 teaspoon of thyme
- 2 dl. of culinair cream
- pepper
- 2 spoons of parsley

Cut union in pieces and squash in small cubes.
Bake them for about 4 minutes in butter.
Put that in a souppan, put the milk in it, the cubes of broth (crumbled) too and add the thyme.
Make it all boil and leave it softly boiling for about 15 minutes.
Then make purée of it with whatever kitcheninstrument you have for that
Mix the culinair cream with it and make the whole thing boiling again.
Finish the soup with some pepper and the parsley.
You might want to combine it with some delicious bread.

Special and absolutely needed ingrediënts are : love (could not be otherwise) and squash, zucchini or courgette of course organically grown in your own garden

Enjoy your meal !

Oh, all these delicious

Oh, all these delicious recipes! They are making me hungry!

A question:What is culinair cream? How much is dl?

And, yes, definitely some delicious bread!

Ask Mrs. Anco for more recipes!

" culinair translations "

Can be fun, exchanging recipes in an international forum, for we might have very different measures used in the recipes !

Dl. This one is easy : ltr = litre and dl = decilitre

Culinair cream : may be a little confusing : in the recipe it is meant to be the kind of cream you use in a warm dish ( there are 2 kinds, over here you call them sour cream and créme fraiche)

And dear Gloria, if you want more recipes, please don't call Helma Mrs, Anco, or you could wave goodbye to more recipes, believe me, I know ! :) :) :)

Oops, I will call Helma by

Oops, I will call Helma by her name in the future. I want more recipes.

Dl is not easy! I don't know what a decilitre is!

Also for the cream, are you saying to use sour cream or creme fraiche? Which one? Either?

I love soups and am so looking forward to this recipe.

By the way, if anyone wants a good laugh, today's blog entry offers a GR8 recipe.

Dear Anco, I adore zucchini

Dear Anco,

I adore zucchini really and I will try out this recipe !!!

big hugs from foggy Milan !