Soldiers of Good Fortune

God said:

Let Us sail the seas today. Let Us float. Let Us be afloat in Joy.

What does it mean to be on vacation but on vacation from woe, weariness, and worry? Yes, I understand the desire to escape fear and whatever you may see as drudgery and fault in yourself and others – and the Stars.

You are not idle as you float, yet, yes, you desire a vacation from worry and displeasure and other concerns.

The world would love to go forward without great concerns as well. You can do without the hustle and bustle of countermanding the world. How elated you are just to think of being in a state of approval.

What do you believe you need worries for to protect you from? Your endless worries focus on what is wrong in the world or what can go wrong. Start thinking about what can go right. Ah, what can go right isn’t called worry. It is called looking forward to.

Make a good long list of what to look forward to -- and more and more. Line up what you look forward to like little tin soldiers in a row. We can call these little tin soldiers as Soldiers of Good Fortune.

Look forward to what Life offers you! Isn’t this a novel idea? Probably, you have been thinking more along the lines of what you don’t like, and when will the axe fall?

Come now to new paths and new means of travel. So long as you have choice, why not travel first class?

The thing is that you do have choice. You can travel more than one route. There are many possible destinations for you to choose along the way as well.

If you have been going along on one track, why then, you can just as well travel along another.

What is this perfection you seek that is supposed to exist somewhere outside you?

Perfection does not seem to exist in the world’s eyes. Oh, perhaps moments of perfection exist. Constant looking for what you see as perfection in the world is barking up the wrong tree. You keep waiting. You keep expecting. You follow the wrong clues.

It isn’t exactly that you surrender to inexactitude. You just are not so gung-ho for illusory perfection as you believe perfection is supposed to be.

What is good nature? What is receptivity? Oh, My Dears, you accept the world at large to change its drum beat at your command. You do not have to be vexed by all that vexes you.

We come back to the story of the Princess and the Pea where nothing could quite be good enough for the Princess.

You know what, Life can be ordinary. It’s okay. Life can be made of ordinariness. It would seem that there will always be dusting and scrubbing. There can also continue to be perpetual desire for perfection. This stance doesn’t seem to work -- this implied necessity for perfection in a world that doesn’t reach your standards.

You are not slacking if you do not whip the world into shape.

Try as you may, you are not perfect either, and no one has to think you are. Your children are not epitomes of perfection. Your husbands and wives are not. Your mothers and fathers are not. Your making high suggestions to others doesn’t make the world perfect or anyone in the world perfect no matter how much you would like to exact perfection from the whole world.

The world does not exist to please you and your preferences.

Who said you have to be pleased at whatever does not please you? Who proclaimed you sentinel of the world? Make Life happy as it happens to be.