So Can You

God said:

Beloved, today, let’s go beyond the argument that says: “Without suffering, joy would not be known.”

We could just turn this around, get past this and say: “Without joy, there would not be suffering.”

I do believe there can be enough joy for everyone to know joy well. In Heaven, this must be so. Surely, in Heaven there is no need to throw in suffering as an add-on. In Heaven, joy is firmly beheld. No dangers exist in Heaven. No fear. Without sense of danger and presumed fear, what remains is unremitting joy. All things are possible. Who needs fears, even tiny ones? Alas, the fear of loss on Earth has had a stranglehold on the world.

It could be that all the what ifs on Earth are what entrap My children. We do know that Earth is full of temporariness. Temporariness itself may be the inducer and inciter of fear and suffering and all the big and little excursions that come with them. Even a little suffering is too much. Suffering does not have to be. There are the spiritual Great Ones who made joy – not suffering – a household word on Earth. Great Ones ascend.

You have heard that the spirit is strong and the body is weak. Hmph. If the body did not take front seat center on Earth, might this mean an end to suffering? Clearly, in Heaven, there are no bones to break and no noses to bleed.

Nevertheless, fruit and flowers grow on Earth, and children have fun digging holes. There are oceans to swim in and fish to swim with you. There are fields to run through and knees to kneel on and God to pray to. Without knees, would prayer have been such an option?

Language is even called tongue. Would language on Earth have been such an option without tongue and lips? Would cows moo without a tongue? Would any language be spoken without ears to hear? Of course, there are hieroglyphics to be seen and touched on cave walls. And how! Man is a creature who desires to speak.

The day will come when language is silent and yet understood invisibly. In a manner of speaking, this could perhaps be said to be a description of Godwriting as you know it today. The time will come when all speech can be communicated silently and instantly. This is also to say that all is good just as it is right now.

Truth will simply be known without the sound value of words. No instructions will be required. Already you have experienced some of this or a great deal of this.

Sheaves of paper and pens and pencils and computers will be of the past, as well as typewriters and writing with sticks in sand and Braille for the blind, for no one will have to require anything so concrete as touch in order to see or be seen. All things are possible. We, you and I, are forever.

The world may be fictionalized, yet you and I are One solid truth forever and ever – truth present and truth never absent and always at High Tide. You and I as One are the truth to be known. We, as One, are available at any time of day – as if time truly exists.

How do you like what I am saying? Does all this have an appeal to you? Come to think of it, there will no longer be a need for equipment nor for wastebaskets nor trash pick-ups and recycling and sustainable projects and such. Wait and see.