Simply Awareness of Love

God said:

With every moment that passes, you are coming closer to Me. Yet how can one who is so intimate with Me come closer? As you know by now, only in your awareness can you. But awareness is good! It is very good indeed. So bring yourself closer to Me in your awareness.

You are going to be aware of many things today, many passing things. Have some awareness of That Which Is Constant. Have some awareness of That Which Is Significant. Instead of putting boundless attention on that which is here today and forgotten tomorrow, put some attention on the boundlessness of Our love, this ultimate tie between Us, this tie that frees Us to simply love, this passage of being between Us, this seamless seam of love that flows and alone is. Yet, so full is this love, how can it flow? Let Us say that this reciprocal passion passes between Us and never leaves and yet flows. Not as a tidal wave but as a pulse of Our hearts, blending and beating as One.

Whose heart is this that heaps love upon love? Where can love go when there is only love in the whole universe? Anything but love is fiction. The truth of which I speak is not stranger than fiction. It is simpler.

You and I are a constancy of love. We are a rock of love at the same time as We are a rippling stream. Movable and immovable is Our love.

Our love needs no rehearsal. It needs no improvement. Love is not a performance acted out. Love may be revealed, but it does not change. Love is the stage, the scenery, the players, the audience, the drama, the applause. Love is everything, and it is all that there is.

In the world, love seems to entwine and wind and leave and return, but love is never absent.

Love is the cup in your hand, and it is the nectar you drink. The cup is never emptied of love.

And yet why is love on earth sometimes the last thing to be believed in, and even sometimes is seen as an embarrassment that should be put away for another occasion. Even talking about love disturbs some of you sometimes. Like too much food on your plate. Like a full plate having more added to it when there is no room for it at all. And yet, all there is room for is love, and so it overflows.

Look not for love in the tokens of it. Love is not token, or it is not love.

Love foments in your heart. It is stirred. It is stirring. Love motivates you. It makes you reach out and it makes you take in, and so love is a round of love. The earth is round, and love is round. But even squares are circles with corners added. The love in the world is uncountable, and it is indescribable, just as I am and just as you are.

Today acknowledge yourself love. Today love goes out into the world, and you are it. And the love that you are can only meet love. Love is on its way to you today. All you meet today you will see as love, and you will see with love. You will be immersed in love today. Every word of yours will vibrate love. Every thought you have will chime love. Every gesture will bespeak love.

If love is what you are, how then can it be hard to be it?