A Hero on Earth

God said:

Life on earth is just not so serious as you have believed. It is significant, your life is significant, it is important to the whole, but it is not serious. How can what evanesces be taken so seriously?

Life is not a comic book nor is it a tragedy. It has its comedic and tragic moments, but its genre is adventure, that's all. Adventure is when you don't know what is going to happen next.

The hero in an adventure story leaps from one place to another, and he is hero no matter whatever peak he happens to be on or whatever cliff his hands hold on to. Even if he is falling midair, he is still hero. A hero cannot be other than hero.

You are the hero. Wherever you are in your life, you are the hero of it. A hero always comes through. You can only come through life unscathed.

Consider that every day the curtain comes down, and tomorrow is a new play. And each day, the hero is more valiant. He can be more valiant because he does not take himself nor his situations so very seriously. In fact, a hero carries a certain merriment with him.

And a hero does not live for himself alone. He who sets out to save himself alone is not a hero, and you are hero ordained.

There are spiritual heroes, and you are one of them. I knighted you hero in the moment of your inception. I told you of your bravery. I told you that you would be cast into the world, and that you would rise to make My love known and the holiness of life on earth known to the world of itself.

Each morning you rise from bed and you, who are a hero, don a disguise of a simple human man or woman. No matter what costume you are in, you are hero. A costume does not make you hero any more than a costume takes away your heroicness.

Your human body is a costume. When has the world noted your holiness, and when have you? Superficiality has reigned, and your magnificence has been glossed over.

See Me as the light before you, and you will begin to see well. I am the Light you carry, and I am the Light that carries you. Is that alone not cause for laughter? Is it not obvious that you are more than the body you run around in? And is it not amusing that so few know your Identity? What an actor you are! You have played a mundane part very well and forgotten your marvelousness.

Today accept the assignment of remembering.

You are the door-opener for others. You are the one who holds the door for another. Sometimes in the world that is a brave deed.

To be who you are and not what you have been mistaken for is indeed courageous in a world that does not regard itself well. Yet, to be a hero takes no skill. The sun does not need to learn how to shine on earth. It only needs to shine. And you too only need to shine and reveal Who you are, not in word, but in love.

Shine My light without thought of reward, for the shining of My Light Itself is your reward. You are consigned to be a hero on earth. So now be it.