shine your light

The Sunrise of Your Heart

God said:

Your heart is a beautiful sun meant for all to see like a sunrise. The sun of your heart can be covered up, and yet it continues to shine its light. You can cover up your love as clouds cover the sun, yet the clouds do not stop the sun. The clouds do not even touch it. The sun shines regardless of what is superimposed upon it. The sun of your heart shines the same no matter how many fences and moats and shades of night do their cover-up.

Your Light Shining Through

God said:

Some days the sun shines brightly, and some days the sky is hazy. Regardless of how the sun appears, the sun is shining all the time, and all the time the sun shines brightly. What the sun filters through makes a difference in how it looks to you. But filters are not the sun. They are filters.

See the World Dance before Your Eyes

God said:

The body is the least of you. The body matters to you considerably, yet the body, this shell around you, is irrelevant. Yes, take care of it. Nourish it, and yet not be attached to it. Physical bodies on Earth have become all important. The material cries out to you: "Keep us! Keep us at all costs. Keep us as if nothing else matters." All the while, there are matters that matter far more than the body, what it looks like, how it feels, how long it lasts and so forth.

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