Shine God's Light

God said:

What do you have but Me and life? What else is there?

Associate life with Me. Perhaps you have thought that life, and the life you live, are somehow apart from Me, that God is one place and life another, or that life and I are on two different channels, and that you can only tune in to one at a time.

Consider life an overlay. It is laid over something. And what it covers, or seemingly tries to cover, is I. But the love and divinity of all that life seems to cover seeps up notwithstanding. It rises through like mist.

You could also call essence the gist of everything. You always do want to know the gist of things. Now I am telling you. I am. I AM.

If I am essence, I am essence. If I am the heart of the matter, I am the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is what the matter is made of. I am that.

Matter is nothing but overlay on something far greater than the covering. All is more than it appears to be. You certainly are. You are not at all what everyone has thought. And your awakening is signaled by your beginning to know more of what and how I think, and what and how I think of you.

Even your language is a cover-up. When there is trouble, you say, "What is the matter?" and so you ask about and promulgate the outer covering rather than the inner heart.

Begin to veer your thinking. Consider, "What is the light here?" Matter is obvious. Light isn't always, not to you.

Maybe don't ask questions. Maybe just announce the truth. "I am light. You are light. All this is light. There is nothing but light."

That may sound fanciful to you. Too abstract when you want concrete. But what is the concrete but the abstract brought closer to you, more known, more contacted.

To a baby a rattle is abstract. He comes to know it by reaching his hand out and putting it in his mouth and taking it and shaking it and back again. So he grasps the essence of rattle.

You have all done that. If you can do that with rattle and all the other outer manifestations of light, why not do the same with light itself. You can. You can do the same with light. You can do the same with love. You can do the same with beauty. You can do the same with Me. Yes.

In actuality, you already do absorb love and light and all that goes with them. You absorb them all the time. You just haven't yet absorbed love and light into your awareness. You have absorbed the outer manifestations while the underlying core has escaped you. You have perhaps seen love and light as separate particles rather than the essence.

Once you know the essence, you know the whole. The outer wrapping is not the whole. Wholeness is not in the outline. It is in the essence.

We share the same Wholeness. We share the same light. We can say all light is Mine. We can equally say all light is yours. Most assuredly We can say all light is Ours.

Well, then, come closer to My light. Come closer to the acceptance that it is also yours.

You don't just have a smidgeon of My light. You have all of it. Why on earth would I ask you to shine My light unless you had it to shine?

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You don't just have a smidgeon of My light. You have all of it. Why on earth would I ask you to shine My light unless you had it to shine?

Yes...It is there. In you and me. It is our essence. Time to be aware of it. Now is a good time. Blessings to all and happy new year. Jim.