Shine God's Light Brightly

God said:

When your life becomes less centered on yourself and your personal affairs, you become more involved in the Beingness of the Universe. Your life opens up. When your attention is more off yourself, off self-indulgence, off all the predicates you have set up, you find yourself integral to the Universe, and your life becomes greater. Instead of seeing life as something handed to you or inflicted on you, you begin to see life as a blessing and yourself as a kindness bestowed upon Humanity. You begin to see yourself as one who serves greater than himself, and so you find yourself greater. You become less of a weeper.

By the very change in your demeanor, you bring glad tidings to others. By going beyond yourself, you honor yourself more. Instead of grasping or clutching, you give. With no effort at all, you give. You discover you are a giver. When you step up to a higher plane, you are higher, and the whole vista before you changes. You see greater.

It is as if you come out of a hole in the ground and discover there is a greater universe than you had known. As you step into this new universe and walk upon it, you become a different being than the one who lived in the hole. The more light you see around you, the more lighted you become. This happens naturally. This is happening naturally to you.

Be of good cheer. Entering the rays of the Sun is the same as stepping out of the darkness. Darkness is behind you. Life is in front. And you are lighted by the Sun. And now you can see.

It is true that light can descend upon you. It is also true that you can step into the Light. Or you can discover that you are already in the Light. Or you can discover that there never was anything but light and you were always in it. When you are in light, you share your light with the Universe. It is no big thing. Light cannot do otherwise. You are a quiet shedder of light.

Anonymously, you shed light. As you enter the grander picture, your light can only radiate further.

I have given you all the light you need to do My Will upon earth. My Will is that you shed light upon a world darkened to its own light. The world has listened too much to itself. It may have forgotten it is a part of something greater than the affairs of men and disbursement of wealth. And so the world does not know what it is made of and what it can be. But you are beginning to know. And you are beginning to bless the world with your presence which, as you know by now, is a reflection of Mine. And so you bring My light to the world.

You do not have to call it God's Light. You can call it simply light. I have no proprietary laws concerning My light. I give it, and I wish it to be taken. I do not mind being anonymous. There is a Great Light in the Universe that cries to shine on all. More important than where it comes from is that it shine. As it turns out, you are appointed to shine this light. I gave it to you so that you will shine it brightly. This is how you are the Light of the World. I have sent you in My Name, but you do not have to speak My Name. It is enough that you know where the Light comes from. It is enough that I AM and that I am ahead of you, lighting your way.

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So much truth in this one.

The ego is nothing at all but a very small perspective. It is like living in a tiny bottle and at the same time trying to interact with others and be free. No wonder life lived from this perspective is uncomfortable. Give up this perspective! Give up the bottle! There really was never one in the first place. Loving you, Jim.