Serve the Server of All

God said:

Serving Me is the greatest pleasure you will know.

You serve only Me. You do not serve others. I serve others. I may serve them through you, but your acts of service belong to Me. When you know the truth of this in your heart, then you know humility. And then you know gratitude for the life you have been granted.

All you do you do for Me. You do for Me. You do for Me to increase My joy. I allow you to do for Me so that you may have fulfillment. The quiet washing away of your ego, the lessening of your hold on individual matters, the release of all these allows you to adhere to greatness. You are greater in My domain than in any other.

How small a vision it is to think you do things for yourself or for one another.

Which cake would you rather have, one that you make or one that I do?

You who struggle have taken a leftover crumb and have been proud. All the while you could have had a big slice of My cake — or all of it.

When I give you a cake to serve others, who is holding the cake and who is the richer?

When you serve the cake to others, you serve it. You do not claim you made it. You do not claim to have the recipe. You are the server of the cake.

A server does not own. He serves. Serving is movement. What is the advantage of your owning? It can only be false, and therefore not bring you much. Sooner or later, you feel the letdown, for facsimile is only facsimile.

I am the Owner, but I am not proprietary.

I am a Great Lender. I put no limit on you. But you set limits on yourself.

Serve Me.

It is so simple.

You don't have to announce that you are serving Me.

It is not an announcement that serves Me.

Serving Me serves Me.

You can be a quiet unnamed server of Me.

You do not need to wear a badge.

You do not need a title.

You already have a title.

Your title is: Child of God.

In your service to Me, I may say, "Serve another. Serve those over there." And you do, but your service is still to Me.

I will say, "Take some yourself."

And as you do, you are serving Me.

No one is less than you, and no one is more.

You are My heroes.

I send you out on great adventures, and you cut a great swath.

My server is My hero.

What is a hero but one who serves?

He serves something greater than what is seen.

He saves a damsel, or a castle, or a child in the forest. He salvages. But what he has truly done is to light hearts.

That is what My servers do.

It is not the cake they serve that matters.

It is the light they give.

And that is how you serve Me.

Use any manner of service you like, but you are servers of My light.

That is your service to Me.

Be you butcher, baker, candlestick-maker, you are in service to Me. And there is one thing you serve as you serve Me, and that is My light. Service to Me is My gift to you. Can you not see that now?

And no one has lit your life except Me.

And your acceptance of that is also service to Me.

And your love for Me is My service to you, My beloved's.

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'Your love for Me is My service to you..."

"Service to Me is My gift to you. Can you not see that now?..."

"It is not the cake they serve that matters..."

It is not the cake they serve that matters.

It is the light they give.

And that is how you serve Me.