Serve God Over the Past

God said:

It is essential that you let go of your past mistakes. No matter how much you regret, no matter how careless a mistake, or how deliberate, you have to let go of it. Otherwise, you lasso yourself to the past and tie yourself there. This does no good to you or any man. Flagellating yourself is non-productive. It embeds the error. Tell the error, "Begone."

If you must be punished with the realization of the error of your deed or non-deed, you have already been punished enough. Do not keep yourself in the dunce's chair. There is no point to it. You are someone who learned something. The person who made the error and the person who regrets it are not the same person now. Regret your mistake once, and then be done.

You have to let go of the past. You have to free yourself from it. For My sake, let go of the past, and its errors.

Is it not true that heretofore you have been relentless with yourself? Now, I beg of you, let the guilt go. I exonerate you. You are all atoned for. You will not make that mistake again. Is that not good enough?

Why whip the hand, beat the chest, embed a knife in your heart again and again, to what avail?

Every time you imprint an error in your heart, you make it deeper. You make a rotogravure of it. Better to erase it. Do you see the humaneness and practicality of what I am saying? Do not keep error to you. Do not sustain it. Do not feed it over and over again. Release it.

You make no excuses, but you have to let error go. Congratulate yourself for being further along than you once were. Can you not be glad for progress made?

I congratulate you. I congratulate you for having greater vision now. I congratulate you that you are done making that error. You will not step in the same puddle again. Go ahead now, and buy yourself some new shiny shoes. Reward yourself.

You have graduated from an error. Once you were ignorant, and now you are less ignorant. Now you are wiser.

In the world, you do not have to be perfect. You are here on Earth learning how to live divinely in a human world. This is not always easy, but, dear ones, do not make it hard for yourself. There is no percentage in it, not for you, not for anyone.

When you have reached a higher rung in the ladder, you have reached it. Climb up, not down. Think of the greater good and not your penitence.

How does your sitting in a corner, chewing your nails, lashing your back, feeling regret and pain - how does that serve the world? It does not. It pains the world. Why not bless the world? Say:

"I made a mistake. I'm sorry, deeply sorry. Now I erase my mistake from the face of the Earth. I would not burden the world any longer with my regrets. I cast off this burden, from myself and from the world. I have vanquished the dragon. This dragon's term is over. And now I shall go forward on Earth and slay all the dragons of my past and leave a clean playing field for myself and for others forevermore.

"Once I was a scalawag. Now I am further along. I do not keep the dragons of my past in a cage where I can see them. I am not a taxidermist. I live life, and I serve God, not my past. This is good enough."

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a clean playing field

Even without regret, there are dragons of my past that are keeping me in service of the past. Regret must be terrible. I know that fear is. Serving the past seems to be the common denominator for all of humanity. Peace to all the regretful hearts. Peace to all the fearful hearts. Peace to all our hearts that are glued to the past by something or other. Presence is peace.

In the opening of my eastward study window there is a huge spider net, and in the light of the hazy morning sun blinking through the shifting foliage of the old pear tree, you can see every minutest detail of this incredible and perfectly maintained structure, sparkling with predominantly green and blue spectral colors. As a helicopter whooshes through its center and across the sun, I suddenly realize this is the first day of creation. What is the secret of this pristineness? Not thinking emotionally charged thoughts is.

I'm tempted to think about this, but I will do something new today and not give in to the impulse. The secret is not in knowing. It is in not knowing. All knowledge is past knowledge, all names are past names. Somehow, I feel, it's not true that to be able to function in the world we need knowledge, and although that's obvious nonsense, my heart insists on it.

But I still don't know what it is I want to say today. Ah yes: God, please help me and everyone who longs for it to be still, silent, empty and dumb more often, be with You more often, in that first day of creation more often where there is no time and thus no fear, no regret, no trembling at all. It took me the better part of this life to even start seriously wanting this, but now that, thankfully, I'm beginning to grow old a little, old enough to not relish drama and struggle so much any more, I think that Reunion could and should simply come without further ado. Those poor and precious seconds, so many of them abandoned to the past, to regret and fear, let Us just rescue more of them.


As much as it seems to impacts upon us, viewing back into our past, possibly due to the pain of regret, perceived burden or not. These arenas prove the most fruitful for personal transformation, takes a bit of courage is all. Let's pray that we all find the courage, encourage all you know, ever so gently. Remember, it's no small task to raise oneself. The only real gain we can get is through the change we can encourage in the people we interact with, no posturing or overt displays, simple love should do it just fine.

Serve God Over the Past

I feel that only you can make yourself feel guilt. Be love, be forgiveness. After all, we are these things anyway.



SUPER!!!!! There is nothing to say more :)))

Beloved Engin, it thrills my

Beloved Engin, it thrills my heart to see you posting here! For those who may not know, Engin translates Heavenletters into Turkish, and we're so glad she does. Heaven Admin and I had the good fortune to meet Engin in Istanbul when we were there for a Godwriting workshop.


Life is made of right things and mistakes which allows us to go further with the experience provided by our mistakes