You Are Invited to a Banquet

God said:

Today is a new life before you. What can it be but that? This day in timeless time has never been written on before.

Today is on the menu. What do you choose for this day? There are a multitude of choices. Today consciously choose. Set the course of your day by choosing. Do not leave it up in the air.

What occurs, you may not have the say of. What you wish to incur, you have all the say in the world. Whatever it is that you are seeking in life, seek for it today. Be on the watch for it. Set the table for it.

The Truth You Seek

God said:

All is a metaphor. Your life tells a story. And there is significance to your story beyond the story itself.

What if your life is an epic poem? There are words in poetry, but the poem is far greater than the words. Or your life is a many-paged novel. This or that act is committed, but the act represents something more than itself. What is the meaning beyond the meaning?

Your life is a tale being told.

Each day is a new leaf of a novel whose page you turn. There is more to reading the novel than reading its pages.

The Silence of Love

God said:

All of life experience is symbolic. It is a representation of a variant of truth. All that occurs is an opera or drama or comedy. But all is symbolic of the indestructibility of the human soul. A dance is more than a dance. It represents something, perhaps the movement of life and the movement of the dancers in life. Music is the background. Song is the soul singing to itself. And life itself is the rolling over of the music upon itself.

The Starlight of Knowledge

God said:

When you feel foolish, that may be a good thing. When you feel foolish, it shows that you are learning something. When you feel wise, you may have already learned a lot, but true wisdom remembers there is more waiting for you to learn. Always more in My creation. There is no ending to the knowledge I give you.

All of life's knowledge leads to Me.

Wanting a North Star

God said:

Do you think I flatter you when I exclaim that you are My marvelous light? Do you think there is something I am looking to gain from you for Myself? Do you think I am looking for fans so that I may be fanned by large numbers? Do you think I ooh and ah over the numbers, as if you were the till at the end of the business day? Do you think I am looking for you to be an admirer, a devotee perhaps, or a toady? Do you think I need strokes from you, or some kind of daily pittance to appease Me? Do you think I want you to throw Me a few bones to escape My wrath?

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