Seek Simplicity

God said:

When you are impatient, you are trying to take control. Controlling is not the same as leading. Leaders lead by inspiration. Bossing people is like changing an artist's painting. It is like going to the museum with a brush and paint box and changing a painting that you would prefer to be another way. You want to make it different from it is. You want to change the artist's perception to your own. Paint your own paintings. Make them the way you want. You may find that you too fall short of your vision. Why is it so important that things be the way you like?

When you are impatient, you take too much upon yourself. When you try to control, you try to take over. When you try to control, you are showing your displeasure. Reap pleasure instead.

Learn acceptance, beloveds. That does not mean to be passive. It just means not to try to rule. Well, rule yourself, beloveds, if you must, but not others.

You are not in charge of the universe. Certainly you influence it. The universe is a product of your thought, yet, still, you are not to foster impatience with it. When you play in the orchestra, you play in the orchestra. You do not get up, shove the conductor out of the way, and wave the baton. You wouldn't do that. That would be too impertinent, and yet you would whip the universe and your environs into shape. You would censor the words from your friends' mouths. You would supervise everything within reach. Who appointed you supervisor of the world?

Do not even supervise yourself, beloveds, for then you are your own pain in the neck. Supervising, second-guessing, and all those other faultfinding habits are not the same as living life. Living life is spontaneous. Faultfinding comes from long practice. Will you now live life as a novice? You really are not an expert in life. No one is. You agree that no one knows everything. Why do you sometimes think you do? Who appointed you? Who told you to mind everyone else's business? Who proclaimed you the expert in even one thing let alone everything?

Try taking a back seat. You are not the driver of every car. Let's face it, beloveds, you are a passenger in life. Sometimes you may be the driver of the bus. Most of the time, you just go along for the ride. This is the ride of your life that you are on. You do not take the food off someone else's plate. You do not hand-feed anyone. Everyone has to be left to his or her own devices. Hands off your self-elected directorship. Hands off interference. That's what control is - interference. It is not for you to interfere in anyone's life. You may think you are taking responsibility, yet your responsibility is to let go. Beloveds, you cannot have your finger in every pie.

When you are impatient, when you feel you have to take over, take a deep breath instead. Tension makes you haughty. Let go of your tension, and you will be more amenable to life.

Seek simplicity rather than control. Seek ease rather than impatience. Choose the servants who best serve you. Send control and impatience out the door. They have been great restraints on you. They have blocked your path. You got caught up in them, and so you tripped yourself.

You don't need control, and you don't have it. Let's be realistic, dear ones. You have thought you were a very practical person, and yet a need to control and its accompanying impatience are quite impractical. They haven't worked yet, have they?

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No, they haven't.

No, they haven't.

Send control and impatience

Send control and impatience out the door.

This morning as I was doing my morning meditation..I prayed for patience...I prayed that I could relinquish control and just let events flow realizing that when I live my life this way, magic and miracles happen! And it is not just control and impatience related to the external is also monitoring my I shall take God's advice and take a deep breath and let go and let God! Joy and love to all...

Marysunshine, is it possible

Marysunshine, is it possible that the impatience you sent out the door found its way to my house?!!!

Even if they have my dear

Even if they have my dear blessed Gloria, I am finding that when I experience feelings such as impatience, wanting to take control...any feelings which separate me from God, I turn to our loving God with them and ask for God's help in finding my way back to Divine love, peace, serenity and feel God's love and smiles pouring over me..I am learning to accept the Human part of me and allow God to transform this part of me to become more Being and One and Whole.
Thank you so much to all for sharing...I am learning and growing and stretching and awakening and feel that my choices to let go of certain behaviors which separate me from You are sanctified through others. And while everyone has to be left to their own devices, I can wrap them in God's love through prayer.
Have a blessed day!

Yeesh this impatience chap

Yeesh this impatience chap is a real traveler. Give him some kefir yoghurt Senora and call him Patience.

Thank-You Father for

Thank-You Father for Guidance to live by! I used to think that I was responible to/for everyone. I made up my own rules to live by because I did not know any better. The result of my behaviour brought chaos upon me!
"Everyone has to be left to his or her own devices." I am learning a better way to live with Your Guidance and the Vision of the Holy Spirit. I am so simply THANKFUL! You are EVERYTHING to me. :wub:

I am grateful to you,

I am grateful to you, Johanne, that you remind me of this. And so glad that you are here on the forum uplifting us all.

Thank you Father for

Thank you Father for allowing me to do your will. And what is your will? To be an instrument of your love...again and again and again...moment by moment by moment. Thank you for this joyous vacation from my normal...separated way of living. Jimi.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said will you now
Seek simplicity instead
Reap pleasure instead

God said Beloveds
Live your life as a novice
And learn acceptance

Love, Light and Aloha!

I really needed to read this

I really needed to read this today. I have been controlling all my life. I am now 65 years old and worn out from trying to control others, life, and myself. I have discovered the truth about control, but I need to be reminded again and again. It's an old habit that hard to break. This is one of my biggest issues in life. Thank You, for this letter.