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Seeds of Love...

Hello everyone!

Isn't Life just amazing?
I sent this poem out yesterday to my own mailing list,
and then found the opening line of today's Heaven's Letter to be on the same theme...

Every day is new years day
For 'now' is all there is
Each precious moment births the next
The Life Force all doth kiss

For past and future don't exist
Except within your mind
'tis only in your thoughts they live
The present's all you'll find

And from this precious gift of 'now'
You birth what you will be
For seeds of what you think and say
Are sown by you in thee

We're creators of our lives
By all we think and do
Your thoughts are powerful magnets
And draw same 'stuff' to you

Your energy attracts the same
'tis part of Cosmic law
So be aware of how you are
For same to you you'll draw

So choose ye well for life is held
Within your own fair hands
Create with love yourself anew
And live in Heaven's lands

And as you birth yourself anew
New world is also born
For all the love and joy you sow
Will blossom in the morn

Scatter seeds of love, joy, & happiness, wherever you go,
and watch the world blossom!

With much Love to each and every one of you




WOW!!! Having just read

Having just read several of the "Heavenletters" and aknowledged the truths within and posted my thoughts......... here, I find it all expressed so beautifully in poem form!

You obviously draw from the same great source that Gloria does, the content is uncannily similar. I feel great joy, do you too?

From the saying: "Great minds think alike" one could now say: "Great hearts beat alike"

From Heart to Heart,

Oh bless you Xenia! Great

Oh bless you Xenia!

Great Hearts and minds certainly do think alike ~
cos there is in Truth, only One Energy which contains The Whole,
which Is The Whole!.
Everything comes from The Same Source ~
The Universal Soul, of which we're all a part!

As we lift our awareness to a higher consciousness, we are able to tune into our Higher Selves,
which are part of God/Goddess/The One/The Source, or whatever name you choose to use.
I like to use the word LOVE, for Love Is what It Is! :)

It's all quite wonderful, and amazing, and so exciting, to see more and more people awakening to themSelves!

Lots of Love