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Scott asks God about what heaven is like

What is Heaven Like?

Oh, Scott I am so glad to speak of the place where both you and I are from…a place you call on earth, heaven. Heaven is such a wonderful place that really there are no human words to describe it properly. Even those that have had near-death experiences and seen only glimpses of the glory cannot fully tell you everything. I will not tell you all about it but I will tell you some of it. I hope it makes it more real to you as you journey on this earthly plane.

Scott, heaven is a place you all come from and will return to. It is a place that is actually very familiar to all of you. You actually never left in spirit. You are always there with me at all times. In your dimension, you do not see it this way. Some are so connected to this earthly plane that they only on occasion sense it. Many will go out into nature and see and feel this awesome beauty of the earth and that is the closest on earth they will experience of heaven.

Heaven is the most beautiful place one could ever experience. It is filled with my glory and presence which is the presence of unconditional love and peace. Everything sings in heaven, everything vibrates and radiates this unconditional love. It is the most comfortable place you will ever experience. It is home. Are there angels or messengers? Yes, there are myriads of them even more than the populous of your planet. Many of you were angels and decided to experience physicality as a human. You have these kinds of choices in heaven, the place I inhabit. Many of you that were angels, and came to earth, came with the express desire to help mankind more than what you thought could be done on the heavenly plane. Remember, God can appear in any form it wishes. All of you are spirit originated and that is true with all that I create.

Are their guides, or spirit guides? Yes, each of you has guardian angels, as you say, that watch over you as you journey this earthly existence. They are there as your spiritual caretakers. They love you so much and they have made themselves known to each of you, but most don’t look for them or acknowledge their existence because of their conditioning not to look for them. They are so in love with you, which words cannot express. They are your intimate friends as a gift given to you by God. They are constantly directing you to your soul’s most intimate desires and purposes. They are constantly talking to you, but many of you just don’t always hear them speak. They don’t always speak in audible words, although they may in an emergency situation. They will speak in very gentle and loving words to your heart, which is your soul. They will guide you with thought impressions and if you listen carefully, they will actually speak to you in many different ways. Some of the ways they communicate to you is by impressions, thoughts, pictures, dreams, visions and even others who are not aware of them communicating through them. These guides are your best friends. Why not introduce yourself to them as they would be thrilled to know that you even recognize them. The great thing is even if you don’t recognize or acknowledge them; they always recognize and acknowledge you.
You are constantly in their thoughts and they constantly watch over you. Their love is as Source, your God; it is unfathomable and never ending. Listen to their voices to you in your thoughts as they are always gentle and loving in their communication with you. Any other voice you hear that does not seem loving or gentle is not their voice. There is no judgment of you whatsoever in heaven. You are only loved unconditionally; always, and at all times. Even, when you think you have sinned, you are sinless as all sin is a concoction of man and of religion. Man judges; not God. Why would I judge that which I have created so perfectly? Does God make any mistakes? If so, you are all in deep trouble. No, everything I make is perfect and complete and I apologize for nothing. Learn to love as me and you will experience heaven on earth right now.

Let me tell you what heaven is not rather than going on and telling you what it is. Many who would even have ears to hear what heaven is like would not believe it anyway. This also is due to their conditioning from the outside world. If they would listen to the inside world they would have this inner knowing. Heaven is not hurtful. It never does anyone harm. It is not hateful, only loving. Heaven has no crime because all honor each others existence, and all love is here. There is no pointing of the finger, or judgment. The only ones who judges there, is the soul itself, and this is not a judgment like you know it. It is a loving sense that this earthly trek could have been different had they been awake and listened to their inner voice. Many realize this when they transition into the heavenlies, that what they were taught by others, was in most cases, erroneous. They learned that by not going within themselves and being sensitive to this sweet inner voice, they would go without on this earth. Heaven has no wars as you have on this earth. Heaven only has peace and safety. War is man’s idea of justice and does not resemble heaven in any way, shape, or form.

Heaven is full of life, and love, and happiness here is complete. It is like going home. Some day your earthly body will fall off and die as you say. And yet, I say to you that it is not death as you perceive it. There is no death. This is a fiction of your own ego-minds. There is only a separation of the body from the eternal spirit. The body is temporal, and you came in with this knowledge that it was, and that one day it would be cast off like a garment that has been spent. It is not you…you are like me…eternal. The body only functions for the purposes of earth and when its use is done it is discarded. You have a heavenly body, if you will, that will transcend all physical barriers. It is total freedom because that is who you really are anyway; you just don’t enjoy that total freedom that you really are, until the body is discarded.

Heaven is also full of God-work. It is not work like you know it on earth. It is fun-work. You will know it fully when you discard the earthly temple. Everything you do here is fun, all the time. There is lot’s of laughter, excitement and purpose here. Many wonder if their beloved pets will be there too. Why wouldn’t they be, did I not create them too? Yes, your beloved pet will be here because they bring you joy. Joy unspeakable is in heaven all the time. Again, heaven is your home and your spirits resting place. There is God-work, but it is all fun-work, so it never feels like work. It is the most fulfilling work because it has purpose and direction. You will all have this role to fill in heaven, your home, and you will love it.

I know many of you can’t wait to get to this place. You came here knowing in your hearth that your time on earth would be short and you were willing to come here and experience all your earthly experiences. You knew this was essential for your soul’s growth. You were standing in line to get there and now I want you to enjoy all that I have given you on this earthly plane too. Don’t waste this experience as there is divine purpose for you all in it. The blended being I want to see is one that has its roots in heaven and yet firmly planted on the earth. You are never away from me as you think. And, if you know what I know, you can experience heaven on earth. Jesus did, as well as many others who have walked this earthly existence. So, can you, my beloved.

I love you all dearly,


D. Scott Arant

Man oh man, you are

Man oh man, you are Godwriting, Scott. Very good stuff. Superb. It's a necessity to share, isn't it? Hard to withstand sharing.

I'm wondering if we need a section called Heavenpetals which is the Godwriting graduates of Godwriting workshops do.

Jo already made a poster from one quote from her Godwriting (Heavenpetals). We can have many more. And for those like me who don't know how to post graphics, I think beloved Kirt will do it for us.

Well, surely, we have to provide something for prolific beautiful Godwriters.


Thank you, Scott

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Gloria Angel, I think a

Gloria Angel, I think a proper section called Heavenpetals would be great, I thought of this before seeing the beautiful and uplifting postings but I never thought of asking you.
I think these wonderful sharings should have a proper place, maybe they could also be kind of devided by argument ? Don't know if this would be difficult to create.
Godwriters are coming up and sharing like the flowers and trees in springtime, this is a wonderful spiritual spring and it brings God's messages to all of us.

Love and blessings

Thank you Gloria, I knew

Thank you Gloria,
I knew there was a reason for coming all the way from Colorado to Iowa to be in your Godwriting tm workshop.
The ideas seem to be flooding my being lately.
I sit down at my computer and the thoughts come racing into my heart and then into my head. Notice, how they first come into the heart first. :-)

Yes, I would agree,
A Heaven Petal just for graduates I think would be perfect for all.

Blessings and Love,
D. Scott Arant

Dear Scott, Your lines to

Dear Scott,

Your lines to God are really open!.......and you are generous in sharing them!

"The blended being I want to see is one that has its roots in heaven and yet firmly planted on the earth. You are never away from me as you think. And, if you know what I know, you can experience heaven on earth. Jesus did, as well as many others who have walked this earthly existence. So, can you, my beloved."

To this, I aspire.

Xenia, this you have. Just

Xenia, this you have. Just claim it and own it as your own my precious child. Jesus and the other ascended masters who walked in this power is yours too.

There is no such thing as a "corner" on the market of spirituality. It is yours too.

So, be it, and so it beloved.

God through Scott

D. Scott Arant

.....and so IT

.....and so IT IS!


Dearest Scott, you are a

Dearest Scott,

you are a gift sent from Heaven to shower divine blessings on all of us !! Thanks from the deep within my heart for all that you share !!

"Don’t waste this experience as there is divine purpose for you all in it. The blended being I want to see is one that has its roots in heaven and yet firmly planted on the earth. You are never away from me as you think. And, if you know what I know, you can experience heaven on earth. Jesus did, as well as many others who have walked this earthly existence. So, can you, my beloved."

Love and blessings to you dear !

Hi Berit, You are a blessing

Hi Berit,

You are a blessing too...and very loved by the divine, as are all the children of God.

Step into your personal power and plug into the divine. Attune to its voice and pulse of its heart and you too will see great and mighty things that will be impossible for others not to see. Be the light to all my children that have not awakened the light my precious child.


Hi Berit, this came through me as I was replying back to you...God through me...through you!!!

D. Scott Arant

veo many beautiful words I

veo many beautiful words

I really wonder how it is possible that so many beautiful words can be transmitted so instantly in a short period of time. Everything is on highest level- If i would have enough time , I would translate everything into German-it is too much to translate but not too much to read - every word is a diamond, a ruby , a saphire, an opal and all the other stones...

Everything here is God inspired

You are all beautiful people, I want to learn from you


Hi Stefan, I am so glad you

Hi Stefan,
I am so glad you are blessed by the writings that are coming through me to all of us.
I am just as surprised as you are...and yet...not. Because I am finding out that we all have the same capablility of tapping into Source. You have this same abillity, in fact, it is your birthright.

Blessings and Love Stefan,


D. Scott Arant

Oh, Scott, it's amazing the

Oh, Scott, it's amazing the ways God speaks to us. this message couldn't have been more to the point and loving. I love your deep and direct connection to your / our divinity an it's exactly the direction I'm going in full speed, thanks to the fact that:

The Universe is constantly conspiring in our favour !!

I am glad that you bring your beautiful and powerful love light to this Heavenletter family and once more I see the incredible beauty of the many ways in which we all express our divinity, forming the multicoloured garden of God !

Love and never ending blessings to you

Dearest Scott I have looked

Dearest Scott

I have looked up your website and I think it's really interesting. I saw you photo there and I really feel a very good connection to you, I feel like we knew each other already (... we're all ONE, what's the news ??)

Well, I did try several times to upload a picture of me in my account here but there always comes a failure message. I think it would be great to see all postings whith pictures.

Love and blessings to all

Dearest Stefan,

I love to read your postings !! We are all learning, and creating, and playing this game called life.
A big hug to you !

Hi Berit, yes we do have a

Hi Berit, yes we do have a is deeply in spirit.
You are very sweet, and your vibration is love.

I will see what I can do to download a picture of me next time.

Blessings and gratitude,