Say Yes

God said:

You resist no. When no is said to you, something shuts down in you. That is because you say no back. Say Yes instead, and your heart will be lifted. Do not make of your life a taffy pull.

Yes frees you. Yes invigorates you. Say Yes twice, and pearls issue from your lips.

Practice saying Yes. It is more than a word that I ask you to practice.

Say Yes to your chores. Your resistance has made you tired, not the chores. For one day, try saying Yes to all that comes along. Saying Yes is not giving yourself away. Saying Yes is merely oiling the wheels of evolution.

If someone offers you a second piece of pie and you don't want it, answer, "Yes, I will, another time". If someone offers you drugs, say, "No, thanks", with a smile. No thanks and a smile is another way to say Yes.

In all matters that are not against your conscience, say Yes. Say, "Yes, I will." Say, "Yes, gladly." Even before you are asked, say Yes.

Yes is the truth, but if you must rigorously remind yourself, then remind yourself. Do it for a day. You live in a friendly world. Smile at it. Consider that a smile from you is a blessing for the one you give it to. See how your expression of friendliness will alter the lives of those around you. It will certainly alter yours.

If you are a teacher, smile and enjoy your students. If you are a student, smile at your teacher. That is better than an apple.

How education on the face of the earth would change when, even for one day, teachers and students gave recognition to each other with a pleasant face!

What would home life be if husbands came home smiling and wives greeted them the same?

What would happen when geniality is made King?

What I am asking you to do is to be charming for one day. I am asking you to be carefree and genial. I am asking you to imagine you have all the time in the world. I ask you to imagine that you are possessed with a wealth of consciousness, and it is your place to bestow a little of it here and there, to sprinkle it around during the day.

Glitter a little gold today.

Be a spring flower that appears for the enjoyment of all.

Or consider your day today a garden tour. You have nothing better to do today than to enjoy it and so make it enjoyable for everyone else who passes near you.

Count the yeses you say today. Count the yeses you say to yourself today. You are the one who needs a yes from you most of all.

Consider that you are part of a public relations campaign. You are a spokesman for humanity. You are a deliverer of goodwill. You pin a flower on everyone's lapel. You are a host or hostess to the world. You are My emissary from Heaven, so what else can you be but a greeter to all life in the universe?

Consider your life today like your treasured dog or cat to whom you talk sweetly. Be as sweet as that to all who come along. Be as sweet as that to everything that comes along. If you stub your toe, pat the incident as you would your beloved pet who rubs against you in joy.

When you are less crabby with life, you will find that life is less crabby with you.

Today you set the tone of your life. Fine-tune it with Yes.

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God Gives Cues and Clues

It seems like "the word Yes" has a certain something that can affect us physically AND spiritually AND socially. Hmm...m..m. Better than "abracadabra"!!

"Yes invigorates you."

"Yes is the truth..."

"Saying Yes is merely oiling the wheels of evolution."

"You live in a friendly world."

PS to the HL Posters:
How do I get the "HL quotes" to appear in a different color like y'all do? When I tried the format options at the top of the comment block, a lot of HTML jargon was visibly present on the screen. Does it become "invisible" once the comment is posted?


Yes, Bonnie, the HTML stuff

Yes, Bonnie, the HTML stuff becomes invisible when you finally post. Try "Preview Comment" to see what it will look like.

Thank you, Jochen

Thanks a lot, Jochen!!

It really works!!