Say Yes to God

God said:

The word eventually has to do with a future event. Eventually is a far different cry from Infinity. Eventually, you will recognize this. At some time in the future is a meaningless phrase. The future is now, beloveds. The future is at hand, and the future is in your hands.

How much meaning can the word future hold? Future is a nonentity, just as the past is a nonentity. We can even say that the present, which is an infinitesimal passage between the past and future, does not exist either. Only infinity exists, so what do you wait for?

At the same nonexistent time as I tell you that the future does not exist, I say that you create it. Well, time is relative. And all that is relative is a passing thing. The relative, which certainly seems very real, exists in your mind. Where else could the nonexistent exist? All of life is in the mind because the relative world does not exist except in your mind and the minds of others. Only on the level of relativity does the world exist. Everybody who is in the world today will not stay in the world forever. In world terms, the time will come that everyone who is presently on Earth in a body will not be on Earth. The bodies will not exist, and they never did really. The soul will exist in a placeless place. The soul will never disappear. We can say that it will have risen. We can say that even though there is no up or down in terms of the soul. What is there then? There is pure existence. There is pure being.

Of course, right now, you are pure being. Yes, you are, even though you are embodied. Into greater depths than you can presently follow, your soul is intact. Like a belly button, everyone has a soul. There is no getting away from it. There are no soulless.

Can the soul’s vision be departed from? It would seem so, for every soul is intact. Souls can wander, yet they are never lost. They are strayed from, that’s all. Mighty Mouse ego seemingly takes you away from your soul, yet that is only a magic trick. It is illusion. Nothing can part you from your soul. Don’t believe soul detractors.

Your soul is in fine fettle. It may even be blooming without your awareness. Yet awareness always comes to the fore every time. Right this moment, your soul is smiling at you, as it were.

Where shall We go now? Frontward or backward?

Where shall We not go today?

And who will come with Me wherever I take you? Raise your hand. Say Yes. Say Yes to God.

But never mind, wherever you shall go, I shall go with you.

Have some soul awareness today. Your soul is a precious gem. Take in a breath and earmark the breath for your soul. Say in your mind: “This breath I give to you, my soul. You need no breath, and yet I wish to give it to you so that you can know I care about you. I care about you, my soul. I care about my humanness, too, and yet I want to embrace you more in my life. I want to give you credence. I am so happy that I have a soul, and that my soul and I are voyagers through Infinity. You are my Eternal Soul. You were always mine. You have a great Presence, and I wish to know more of you. I wish to know of your participation in my life and to invite you to more. I want to know you, my soul.”

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Thank you and respect the source!

Thank you for your love. You have to respect love from the Source, The Source of all things is the embodiment of love. Without the sun, things can not grow. I embrace you all. There is something out there just are no words to describe. I live in China.

You are my Eternal Soul. You

You are my Eternal Soul. You were always mine. You have a great Presence, and I wish to know more of you. I wish to know of your participation in my life and to invite you to more. I want to know you, my soul.”

I have a faint remembrance from where I was before birth into this world. I did not want to FORGET where I came from.

I do not care much about life in the world as I know it; and have spent it mostly seeking God.
Slowly I am emerging from this world into the awareness of where I really am.

I'm not sure what the quote above means literally but I feel a strong connection with it. It is IN me.

Blessings, Johanne

Thank you

Thank you