God said:

Even when you feel fatigued, you can communicate with Me. No matter what, you can communicate with Me. Do not wait for a superlative moment to rest your heart in Mine. Why would you delay Our Great Embrace?

But you wait for something. A better time or a better you, perhaps. But I do not keep you waiting. You keep Me waiting. I am ready for you right now.

Sometimes you demand a lot from Me. You want Me to not let anyone die. You want Me to provide you with cash. You want Me to send you your true love. You want Me to help you stay forever young. You want a new car. Or an ideal job. Or you ask not to have to work at all. The list you have is endless, and you keep adding to it.

I ask one thing of you. All I ask is that you come to Me. All I ask is that you come into My arms. All I ask is that you accept the blessing I give you. All I ask is that you avail yourself of Me. My desire for you is great, but I do not ask you from My need. I ask you from yours. I have gifts for you, and I would like you to receive them.

You are like a guest I have invited, and I wait and wait for you to arrive. I have everything ready for you, and I am always on the lookout for you. I wonder what is taking you so long. I go out onto the porch and wait for you. Then I send a coach of angels to find you. Somehow you don't see the coach I have sent, and I am told that you went to another celebration somewhere else.

I don't mind. I want you to celebrate. I celebrate you wherever you are.

And yet you leave one party after another feeling unsettled, as if there were another place you were supposed to go to.

If you will not come to Me, I will go to you. I would like you to invite Me to you, but I do not stand on ceremony. I visit you regardless. I cover you up at night, and in the morning I shine the sun into your window so that you may wake up to it.

I grow your grass, and I water your lawn and every flower. I give you food. I watch your children play and grow. And I wait for you to acknowledge Me. Patiently I wait.

You can hardly wait, and yet you meander. You do not notice where you already are and Who is irrevocably with you.

Sometimes you feel abandoned. Yet I am never away from you. You wander off from Me. I am on all sides of you, and yet you do not see.

You say you want to see Me. Then why don't you come closer? You say you want to be closer to Me. Then why do you stay away?

Do you think that your acknowledgement of My presence will make no difference in your life?

Do you think I am out of sight?

Do you think I am hard of hearing?

Do you think I have some kind of wanderlust?

Do you think I want anything more than I want you?

What do you think will happen when you move Me to the top of your list?

Do you think you will disappear? Or that the world will?

What do you think will change? Do you think you will become someone else?

All that will happen is that you will begin to see yourself as the glory I made when I made you. Is that what you hesitate about? You don't want to know your own glory?

Do you think you would be disappointed?

On the contrary, you would begin to know that you are My appointed. From the moment of creation, I appointed you, and still I wait. I appointed you all that I say you are, and I have not said enough. Come to Me now.