Bless the People

God said:

Taking things personally is making too much of yourself. Better to be neutral, and then you don't billow into resentment or hurt. Then you save your energy for greater things. Spending your energy on hurts is like spending your money on little things you don't want and that you don't have room for and will only have to throw out later because they get in your way.

Taking things impersonally is nothing more than seeing the truth.

In order to see the truth, you have to go beyond yourself.

In one way, you are the center of the universe. In another way, you are here to make life easier for others, even that personage you call yourself. Sometimes you have made life hard. Resistance makes it harder.

When you don't take things personally, you stay love.

Contrary to what you may think, you really don't want people to agree with you all the time. That would become its own burden for you.

There is nothing you have to carry with you through life.

You do not need to make someone feel sorry for being who they are in any particular moment. Attend to that which is yours to attend to. Why do you get ticked off when someone doesn't do what you think they should do? when they don't do what you want them to do? when they consider what they want more than what you want?

When it is someone else's choice, it is their choice. It never was yours. Hands off.

Bless the people who come into your life. Bless those that go out. They are the same people who come in as who go out. No one can leave your life unless they have been in it. Would you rather they had not? Be glad they came for however long a spin.

Do you really want your will to prevail over another's?

Remember My Will and the great freedom I give to you.

What is freedom but others going their way and you going yours?

You will wind up together again. You have met before, and you will meet again.

Do not control others. Do not control yourself. What is there to control? Another's will? Your own? No, don't control. Allow. Be open to will, yours and others'.

Find what your will is. You don't make it. You don't order it. You find it.

Give to others that which you seek for yourself, and that is the freedom to be who you are when you are. You don't want to divert from yourself, even when you don't know what yourself is. Everyone is seeking his own answers. He wants to find them himself. He doesn't want your answers.

No one has to do what you want. No one has to be what you want.

Believe this: no one is going against you. They are merely trying to find their own way, and sometimes you knock into each other as two people turning a corner from different directions might. Both say Excuse me, and go on.

There is room in the universe for many going in different directions. And each, consciously or not, is trying to find his way to Me. Be glad others are too. Allow them all the space to try their different routes. What do you care? What is it to you which way they go? If they take a wrong turn, they will turn back. Have you not done the same?

It is not for you to say what is a mistake and what is not. With far sight, you may see that what you thought was a wrong turn was the right one. How will someone know unless they find out?