Rose after Rose

God said:

You do not live for yourself alone. How many times have I said this, and yet you continue to be ego-stricken, as if you are the point of everything. A thousand gifts are given to you, and when one seems to leave, you pout. Poor little rich girl ego is. As if life in the world is entirely about you and your ego enhancement. It is not. It is your ego that pouts, beloved. I am not speaking of someone else. I am speaking of you. Get off this little pedestal ego has had you stand on as if the world owed you, as if the world were to bow down to you in subservience to the will of your offended ego. Watch out for that ego. Watch out that your ego isn’t making rules and mandates about how the world or an individual in the world has to show you better manners and give you sufficient abeyance. Watch out. Acting high and mighty doesn’t make you high and mighty.

The world has thrown you rose after rose. When the world does not, you pout. You want to be anointed with oil, and when you are not, you pout.

On the other hand, when you are content, you may keep contentment to yourself. At such times, you think of yourself, and you don’t think of what is yours to give to others. You sit on top of a cushion. You are not pouting, and yet you hug My light to yourself. Then the purpose you tout is yourself. Your heart sits in isolation. It is gratified, and you keep it to yourself. You do not feel denied. You feel blessed, and yet you let the blessing end there with you. No man is to eat alone.

You are not the whole purpose of the Universe. You serve a purpose.

Your cry may be: “What honor due me has the world not given to me? How dare the world or this one or that one in the world not give my ego due honor, mighty honor, mighty service and so regale me? How dare the world or anyone in the world not regale me? How dare the world or anyone in the world snub my beloved ego? The world is meant to come to me and give obeisance to my ego.”

Or your cry may be: “I am in a great position. I am surrounded by God’s gifts. I am comfortable. I keep my blessings to myself. The gifts God has given to me are enough, and I hold them to myself. What need have I to share the love and wisdom God has given me? I covet it to myself.”

In either case, whether you feel blessed or deprived, whether you feel fortunate or unfortunate, self-satisfied or dissatisfied, as far as you are concerned, life seems to begin and end with you. You forget that you are not here for yourself alone. You are not here on Earth for your sole satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Satisfaction and dissatisfaction are irrelevant to your givingness of spirit.

If you think you have someone to forgive, then forgive. Be for giving. You are here for giving. You are not here for the purpose of exalting yourself. When you hold on to an affront, you are exalting yourself. Whenever you lower someone else in your estimation, you are exalting yourself.

If you possess talents, they are God-given. Enjoy your talents, and let others see the fruit of the talent I gave you. Every great artist shares his paintings. Works of art are to be shared. Who composes music and keeps the music all to himself? Who keeps My love and wisdom to himself?

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My pouting ego got it between the eyes with this one!

This was SUCH a good reminder and great timing for me. As aware and spiritual as I like to think I am, I catch my ego one-upping me more often than I'd like it to! This Heavenletter was spot-on and made me laugh at myself. It will always come to mind when I feel the start of the 'ego pouting' and it will help me whack it off its pedestal!
With much love for all you are.

Thank you, dear

Thank you, dear Barbara.

This Heavenletter was hard for some of us to respond to! You are the first!