Ring True, Ring True

God said:

I am telling everyone in the world to wake up. I am telling the world to wake up. This is a positive I am telling you. I am telling you to wake up to the Truth of yourself. Felonious thoughts and actions are not the Truth of you, not by a long shot.
I am telling you to acknowledge the Truth of yourself. The Truth of you is not a lie. This is not a cover-up. Heretofore, you have been covering up the Reality of you. You are not this fluff you pass yourself off as. Have you thought so? Have you been denying yourself your own true Self-Designation? Have you thought it was good for you to denigrate yourself? You don’t want to be vain or self-glorious, yet it is vain to down-play yourself. This is vanity supreme, to make yourself appear less than you are. If you portray yourself as less than I say you are, you are hiding.
Wake up, and claim the Heart of God which I have bequeathed you. Deny yourself, and you are fraudulent. Deny yourself, and you deny your relationship with Me. You are not someone to be covered up. You are not to deny yourself and to deny Me. And, yet, as well-meaning as you may mean to be, this may be what you have been doing.
Sing your praises to yourself. Know the goodness I made when I made you. It is all right to be ambitious. Be ambitious for Me, beloveds. Be ambitious in My Name, for I ask you to reveal My Presence, first to yourself, and then to everyone you pass by or who passes by you, for it is My light you shine. Shed light on yourself as well. Why not? Come into the bright sunshine.
Why put yourself in the shade when you are made for the sunshine, and you are the sunshine. By virtue of the light you shine, you promote Me. There is no other way that works. Ring true, beloveds, ring true. Play the music of which you are capable. Do not put your talent on a back burner. Bare yourself to the world. Bare your soul. You have a soul. Be glad of it. Reveal it. Reveal it first to yourself, and then the light of your soul will be seen wherever you go. You are the establisher of My light on Earth.
The people who see you may not know what they are seeing. They may not know that the light they feel comes from you. Nevertheless, they will gain from it.
You are a star from Heaven walking on Earth. Stars shine. This is what you are to do. Shine My Light of Love on all. Be a streetlight of starlight and sunshine.
Hide yourself in the shade no more. It is not fitting. Come into your own. You are the only one who can. I cannot do it for you. It is enough that I invite you, encourage you, and, yet, you are the one to light the match. Do it now.
Light up the world. Turn all the lights on so that everyone can see themselves in you, for you are the heralder of the new world, a bright shining world where everyone is in the spotlight, where everyone is a star, and where everyone knows how to shine light and shine love and to emanate both and to recognize their same light in you.

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shine love

Yes my Father.

Sometimes I think if you were to bare yourself in all your Magnificence of Glory and present yourself to the World, very few would believe in you.

I will shine my light in every direction.

I am a child of GOD.

Blessings to all.
Blessings to every corner of our World.


God does bare himself in all

God does bare himself in all His Magnificence right now!

God's Will will be done! The Heavenletter written down this morning talks about the key being our raising our own consciousness.

Desire your individual consciousness to grow. Come truly and simply closer to Me where peace resides. All things are possible, beloveds.

Now, allay your heart. Consciousness in the world is rising. Your consciousness is rising, sometimes in spite of you. You see according to your consciousness. How you see changes the world. Take heart, beloveds. Take heart.

A question

Someone posted a heartfelt question on the blog under Spiritual Journey. The link given didn't lead to the comment.

This link will lead to the question:


Especially, those of you who are great at finding quotations from Heavenletters that apply to the question asked will help a lot.


Do not put your talent on a back burner

Yes Gloria, God is.
I have just returned from a somber funeral of a young man at the crest of his life.
It's very hard to stand with the families and not feel the emptiness and loss. Everyone was doing the best not to fall apart.Even with a brave face one can sense the reluctance to let go.Maybe like the priest involved one needs to become distracted with rituals so that we can look away and pretend the world is still solid and Heaven is just up the street.
The noon day Sun was shining in all of it's glory reminding us all that life and death are just passing fancy while the solitary eye of the Sky kept on watching.