God said:

You are My tribute to Myself.

You are My cast of characters.

You play out drama you have chosen on My stage.

You mingle on My stage.

You walk to and fro.

You make entrances and exits.

You come and go.

If you are willing to look, you will see a Director Who will guide your movements silently behind the scenes.

You were not cast onto the stage without direction.

You know the character you play. You know his style of speech and how he crosses the room.

You play many parts. You started young on this stage, and now you have older roles. Your roles change but you are the same one who plays the many parts. You are the star and not the roles you play.

Your performance is not you. It is a wisp of you. It is a guise of you. Underlying all is the beating heart of you.

Seasons change. The seasons change, but the earth rolls the same.

You have hitched a ride. Whatever car you ride in, you are inviolable you. The underlay of you is far greater than any trip you take.

In your life, you remove make-up. The surface of you discovers and reveals more of the inner. You cannot escape it. You who grow so much and learn so much begin to manifest more of yourself. The outer you adapts in order to manifest the inner. You who are unchanging yet change.

You do not have to change yourself. You just have to let yourself be.

You have been assuming roles and considering the role the extent of you.

You have no role to play. You are a carpet that unrolls so its beauty can be seen. The carpet spread out on the floor reveals itself and the master hand that created it. A carpet is more than a carpet.

A Human being is more than a Human being. A created being is more than an individual creation. Much has gone into the making of you, and now is the time to reveal your essential strength.

Now brighter light surrounds you, and more of you is seen. The inner light and the outer meet in you. You are a conjunction of light. There is an inner switch that you turn on so you are revealed in your true light. As you reveal yourself, you reveal Me. That is revelation.

Revelation is not a thought. It is not an insight. It is a light turned on. The nature of light is to beam. It does not consider in or out. It does not consider aiming its light. It merely considers beaming. Actually, it considers nothing. It just beams, and the ripples of light reach further and ignite other lights.

Accept once and for all that you are My light. Breathe in My light and breathe it out. That is the course of your life. Exchange the word "light" for "life".

What is your light for? What is your light about? Why were you given light? And why sometimes does it seem dim? Why do others' lights sometimes seem to overshadow?

I tell you to live your light. Light your light with Mine because My light is yours. It is My light you shine. It is My light you live.

Life is nothing but light. It is One Light that shines through various containers. The light is far greater than the appearance of any of its candles. The light is the thing. Enjoy your light. Remember it is Mine, and all you do you do for Me. Hold My light high and reveal the truth of you. I am the truth of you. So reveal Me to you, and then I am revealed.

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You do not have to change

You do not have to change yourself. You just have to let yourself be.