God said:

This is a day of renewal. The celebrated birth of Christ is to remind you of your own birth. Imagine how your birth on Earth was celebrated in Heaven. Imagine My joy that you had come to Earth to strengthen the tie between Heaven and Earth. I put My faith in you, and I put it still.

Christ adhered to My Will rather than the will of the world. He listened to his inner heart beat and set his life in rhythm to that. He did not stumble through life. He did not stagger. He strode through it. The ground he walked on was not always secure, but he was secure in Me.

The difference between Christ and you is not so great as you believe. He simply listened to the beat of My heart and he trusted in it. He did not deny his birth. He did not deny his Father. He lived “Thy Will, not mine, oh Lord”, only, his sole will was Mine. He followed his own path, and he would have you follow yours, which is to say, he would have you follow Me. That was his knack.

When the baby Jesus was born, he heard Me whisper in his ear.

At your birth, I whispered in your ear as well, and, odds are, you have forgotten. Hear now. Remember the whisper, and embrace it now. The way to emulate Christ is by following your own whisper. You do not emulate Christ on the surface. You emulate Christ inside. Yes, you have Christ’s divine path to follow, yet it is your own divine path. You do not don white robes.

From step to step, I was Christ’s North Star. He did not peruse nor ponder each step. He did not have a map. He simply followed Me as I was written in his heart. He had no other gods before Me. He had Me. The connection between Us was tight.

When I say My Will became Christ’s will, I mean to say that he knew no other will. He did not jostle for position. He did not think that the light of a match equaled the Sun. He did not consider his preferences. He did not compare his to Mine. He accepted the staff of Oneness. He accepted Our Unity, and he accepted the Unity of all life. His words were Mine. His glance was Mine.

Had Christ not been able to speak a word, still he would have spoken for Me. His Being would have spoken for Me. He knew beyond doubt that he was in My presence, and so it was My presence he gave. He blessed the world by walking through it. He strode through the world, and he knew on Whose behalf he strode. He knew Whose messenger he was. He knew his purpose was Mine, and he announced Me to the world. In so doing, he gave Me, Who was already given, to the world. Certainly, I gave My son to the world, but the key was in his giving Me to you. I gave you to the world just as I gave Christ, do not think I didn’t.

Christ’s heart sang a song of love. The tune ran so deeply through him that he knew no other song. Beloveds, he would have you sing his song now. He would have you follow along with him. He would have you live from the fullness of your heart. He would have you take his torch and reveal Me to the world. He, as well as I, would ask you to be a simple messenger who delivers My love gladly.

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