Remember Me, says God

God said:

If you are having difficulty in remembering some things, names for example, or what day it is, perhaps your channels of memory are God-soaked. I have a way of blurring edges for you. This is another way of saying that I remove boundaries from you. Less-bounded, you seem to float in a morass of light rather than in the outskirts of the past.

How many of you are feeling forgetful? Raise your hand.

There is more to remember in life than the names of movies or movie stars. Remember Me. If someone points out that you are getting forgetful, say, "Thank you." Say, "I am trying to remember something else."

As a human being, you don't have to carry a log of every place you've been and the dates you were here and there and the names of all the streets. No, you don't. Remember Me.

If someone tells you to go soak your head, go ahead. Soak your head in My love, for I pour it out for you. Remember Me, for I am something to behold and to remember. Keep Me in mind.

I am a memory, a memory re-enlivened, and yet I am an experience, a renewed experience of Oneness. As We become reunited, you begin to fall in love again. Your heart swells, and, perhaps, unbeknownst to you, you are dwelling in a land of love where the demarcations are faded and where My love pulses. Who needs memories to go around the block in? I remember you vividly. Remember Me.

You are doing fine. Consider Me a developing sense. You have sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing. I am beyond these. You have a sixth sense. We could call it intuition. I am beyond intuition. Is there a seventh sense? I forget if there is or what it is called, for, like you, my memory is outspread. What do I need with details when I more than remember love, when I am steeped in love like fragrant tea leaves that never run out of their fragrance as you join Me in the Spa of Eternal Love. Remember Me. What is important to remember? Your hair appointment?

When you cannot think of an old school chum's name, smile. You do remember the school chum. Your heart remembers.

You don't remember the name of the book you are reading or the author, I ask you why you have to remember? You can go to a table in another room and find the book and read the name of the title and the author and forget their names again.

Come into another room with Me, and We shall scale the heights of Heaven together. If you do not remember All of Me, if you do not recollect Our charmed lives, that's all right. Go ahead and no longer remember while I collect you and collect you again and again until you do recollect Me and recall Our love forever again.

Memory lane is not supposed to be filled to the brim, cluttered, an attic of memories. You have better things to fill your mind with than facts and figures. Haven't you figured that out yet?

What do you have to remember? I give you three guesses. Yes! You're right! You gave three right answers.

Yes, remember Me, remember Me, remember Me, and then take Me everywhere with you in your conscious awareness. Right this minute I am on your right. I put My hand of love on your shoulder. I rest My eyes on you. I soak in My love for you. You turn your head a little. You know I am here. You smile. Our eyes meet, and We are Goners. We are Goners of Love. We are imbibers of love. We are Lovers of Love. Now We hold hands. Holding hands together, We look out at the horizon. We look out beyond the horizon. We scan an ocean. We leap over the demarcations of the Universe. We see there are none. We run through a beautiful fountain, and We are soaked, you God-soaked. We meld, for what is Oneness but that?

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We shall scale the heights of Heaven

Blessed by thy name my Father!

I am remembering you.

I love you! I love you! I love YOU.

Thank you for loving me.

Love to every Heart
Love to all Creation


Victor gives us WORDS OF LIFE!

Victor: Thanks you from the bottom of my heart.


"I put My hand of love on your shoulder. I rest My eyes on you."

Please take time to find this "subject matter" in your life, as your consciousness. When you are conscious of His Love you need nothing else to fill your energy tank.



What a wonderful message, Gloria!

God says- Forget dates, forget places, forget persons and just remember Me! Will it be alright for a student to forget his studies and remember just God?

A student can remember God

A student can remember God and remember his studies!

Are you a student, Chetan?

Gloria, Your question


Your question brought tears to my eyes....

In a way I am still a student because everyday I am learning new things and I would like to be a student for eternity.

If you talk about the 'student' phase of my life...well, when I was magnetically pulled towards spirituality (it is a wonderful story...), my studies were neglected as I had lost interest in those worldly studies, sort of.It becomes very difficult to put one feet in boat and another on the shore. But now, I am in the boat which is sailing towards new horizons everyday...What a wonderful journey!