Remember God

God said:

Balance is a delicate thing.

In life you have been a tight-rope walker.

In one breath I tell you to disregard what others think, and in the next breath I tell you to tend to others.

I tell you not to sacrifice, and I tell you not to be selfish.

You honestly don't know how to make your way in the world. You want to do right, if only you knew what that was.

I tell you to be honest in your feelings, but how do you do that without stepping on another's?

When you put your attention on Me, it is off yourself and it is off the other. You look in one place, and you are focused.

Looking at Me is like picking up a bouquet of flowers; the scent must follow.

Looking at Me is like picking up a bunch of ribbons and holding them in the middle and moving along; the ends of the ribbons must follow. You do not have to think about making the tails of the ribbons follow your hand.

Looking at Me coalesces energy. Consider Me the mother duck and you the ducklings who line up and follow. The mother duck does not put each baby duck in place; she moves, and they follow.

Consider Me the lodestar, and you My stars, and you are perfectly aligned with Me. All it takes is looking at Me. Following Me is automatic.

When you point up to the sky, others near you are drawn to look up as well.

Some call looking up at Me prayer. I will call looking up at Me attention. Give Me a little bit of your attention, that's all. Attention will do. What is attention but love? Give Me your love then. Give your love to embody Me on earth.

The prayers you often give to Me are like counting with your fingers. In your prayers, you consolidate what it is you want from life. I don't say you make a shopping list, although you do make a list, mental or written, and you say, "God, please give Me all this. You won't forget?"

Consider putting your attention on Me the same way you affix a stamp on an envelope. You glue it on. And then you put the stamped envelope in a mailbox. And you know it will be delivered. But, of course, in this case, I am the Addressee as well as the Postmaster. I take care of it all.

Your attention on Me is the same as My taking care of you. When your eyes meet Mine, We are looking at each other. Because of My completeness, My Oneness, your gaze follows Mine, and so you are on high ground. You cannot take your eyes off Me. When your eyes are on Mine, you can say you caught My attention, but it is more accurate to say it is your own attention you have caught. You pasted your eyes on Mine. My eyes were always on you.

Follow My eyes to your destiny. Your destiny is where you are going. Merge into My eyes. Whirl around in the Heavens with Me. Swoon in My arms. Let Us enter the sun. Let Us play in it, Merry Sunshine. Become a sun nymph, a moon nymph, a water nymph, a mountain nymph. Become pure being.

Return to earth with a pirouette. Keep Heaven with you. Keep your eyes less on your questions and more on Me. I am the Solver. I am the Resolution. Remember Me. Remember Me well.