New Thinking

God said:

How many times have I said that you need to change your thinking? And how many times do you justify keeping the same thoughts? Changing your thinking means changing your thinking.

I do not scold you. Do not think I do. I dramatize the need for you to dare to leap your thoughts out of their long-accustomed boundaries. There is something you hesitate to give up. There is something in your customary thinking that pleases you. Perhaps your usual mode of thinking is like an old pair of slippers or a bathrobe you are somehow fond of. You know they have passed their prime, and yet you're not quite ready to let go of them.

You might look at a new selection of slippers or robe in passing. In fact, you may like to see what's out there. But each time, in loyalty, you defer to what you already have. Sure, your thoughts have been with you a long time, and you don't like to leave them. But they have been hanging around after they're threadbare and their usefulness has really been used up. Still you hang on to them like dear old friends.

You have been following old thoughts, when they are really looking for direction from you. Your thoughts are meant to serve you.

Like your car, your thoughts are supposed to get you somewhere, not keep you in place. Thoughts are intended to travel. Your thoughts have to open up on the freeway, or you will stay driving on back roads.

Most of the time, your thoughts are not your own. You picked them up somewhere. You adopted them and then believed they were your own. You plagiarized them and forgot they came from outside you.

Be open to thinking that which you are not accustomed to thinking. Your thinking does not have to support what you already know. What you already know is past.

There may be a need, even a radical need, for you to change your thinking. Something in your thinking may be holding you back. Thinking is meant to propel you forward, and forward is higher. It is above where you are now.

Your thoughts have been your levelers.

You have bought a picture of yourself that you could have turned in a long time ago. You say, "That's how I am," as if you are glued in place. As if that is all said and done. Given an opportunity in thought alone, you might respond: "Oh, I could never do that." And so you dim your desires because of an old picture of yourself that may well have not been your photograph at all. It may just have been a compilation from here and there, and you accepted it as a reflection of you. I have a picture of you that is far greater and much more truthful than any you have seen.

My picture of you goes off the page. You might not recognize yourself from My picture. In order to recognize My picture of you, you have to adjust your vision. The only reason you would not accept My rendition of you is because you do not see. You may have to get used to seeing greater.

In the world, you have been entrapped by those visual effects where you see something that isn't there. You see what you see because you expect to see it. You read words that you conjecture are there. Please expect and imagine a greater and more realistic picture of yourself.

This is your chance at life. Do not hold back. Do not hold back from modesty or fear. Let nothing hold you back. Empty yourself of old thoughts and past conjecture. Be malleable today. There is nothing out of your reach, but you are the one who has to reach for it.