reading Heavenletters

Heavenletters Bring Changes

Gloria to God:

Dear God, Karen talks about releasing, whereas I'm used to saying unstressing, though I believe they are the same. Then I thought, what is it that is released but stress? And what is the incipient cause of stress? Control. So it is control that we release.


Furthermore, any control keeps you out of present time. Control is opposed to faith. Faith keeps you in the moment. Control keeps you out. Control pressures.

A Locket

God said:

When you read a Heavenletter or receive other news from Me, it is like I gently lift you up and hold you high. And when you have finished, gently you are put down and returned to Earth, and yet, you are a little taller. Something of your Heavenward journey stays with you.

It is not that you keep photographs of it, although you may. The Heaven air has touched you. You have breathed it in. It has wafted through you and become part of you, in your cells, We might say.

The Heart Is the Entranceway

God said:

There is such a fine line between something's making sense to you and its feeling right to you. Actually, they are the same, only sometimes you let someone else's sense of things sway you. When something strikes you as true, it makes sense to you and it feels right. Truth always makes sense in the heart. It is the world that does not make sense.

God's Touch

God said:

There is a Golden Touch to what I say. More than the words, more than the structure, more than the thoughts, there is an invisible silent blessing from Me. You cannot hear it. You cannot see it. You cannot touch it. And yet My Golden Touch touches you.

Take all My words away, and My Golden Touch remains. Erase, and My love within Heavenletters remains like invisible ink. Take an eraser and erase My written words from your notebook, and still an impression is left. My words once spoken are spoken. What I say stands. Nothing topples it.

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