Raising Yourself in the World

God said:

There is value in admitting ignorance. Admitting ignorance puts you way ahead. How truly wonderful it is for your brothers and sisters in the world to meet someone like you who doesn’t know all the answers in the world. What a relief!

It is better to be open than to be closed.

You are way ahead now when you can unabashedly say you don’t know all the answers. What a rare individual you are when you can excuse yourself from knowing everything. For one thing, this makes you rare and welcome, yes, indeed.

You are, indeed, one in a million. It is refreshing to meet with you. Hurray, you are setting a trend and serving the hearts and minds of many. You are the crème de la crème. Welcome to Heaven!

A refreshing face, a refreshing mind, a refreshing Heart -- all now established, all pre-set ahead of time – these are worth gold. You are just what I am looking for – a human Being ready to see anew and greater. Please, come sit at My right hand, and we’ll have a good time.

Dear Ones, now, let’s address a very human quality which gets in the way of happiness. This human quality is becoming attached. When you are attached, you are pre-set. You have decided how Life must be. And so you restrict yourself.

Great sensitivity regarding how you are treated in the world is something to come to terms with and to let go of.

Here is a tale:

There was a little boy whose main desire was to go to the circus. His father promised him that this year he will take his son to the circus. The very day before the circus, his father told the boy he could not take him after all because he, the father, had to go out of town on business. The father promised his son that they would go to the circus next year.

To not go to the circus as he was promised was too much for the child to bear. His whole Heart was wrapped up in anticipation of the circus. To the child, to not be able to go to the promised circus at this fictional Moment in Eternity was a tragedy.

The child read a whole lot into this disappointment, including that he is really not loved. If he were truly loved, he would be going to the circus.

The whole world is sorry that this child’s Heart was hurt. Many of the caring people hearing his story now would gladly rush to take the child to the circus to allay the child’s hurt, yet there is no going back, and, anyway, the child desired that his father take him to the circus. It doesn’t matter to the young child the reason why his father didn’t take him. Knowing the reason doesn’t reduce the blow to the child’s Heart.

The sense of hurt never leaves the boy. The memory may fade, yet not the impact. Beyond his disappointment, the long-lasting affect is a sense of abandonment, unworthiness, and a sense of not being loved or loved really.

Some people may notice that the child, now an adult, is quick to take offense. He may be seen as selfish, too centered on himself, and loving himself too much. On the contrary, now his heart holds on so tight to being given importance for the very reason that he doesn’t value himself enough.

When the boy, now as an adult, feels his heart sullied with a sense of being discounted, overlooked, forlorn, he may appear as egotistic. Yes, he holds on so tight to being well-thought of. What is his attempt to raise his sense of self-value is seen as ego. Ego whispers to him that he must be recognized as important and come first.

What are you protecting, Beloveds?

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the Promised Circus

Yes, seeing your circus dreams with daddy go up in smoke, for some again and again, for some among screams and curses, can make you feel quite self-important, quite hub-of-the-world. It also, in the longer run, makes you find your CIRCUS, the love of your life, your true home, the fulfillment of all dreams known and unknown.

Dear Rover, beautiful

Dear Rover, BEAUTIFUL comment! Thank you.