Radiant Light

God said:

It is hard for you to believe the importance I set on you. You do not possibly see how you can have such an effect on the world as I say you do. You shake your head. You think I must exaggerate. Remember that I tell Truth. I am capable of no other. I know no other. Listen, beloveds! Up or down, you are turning the world.

You understand how the light you receive from stars was sent a very long time ago. The light from stars lasts. Its twinkled light years away, and you see it now. Is that not miraculous?

Can you not believe that your light has the same power? Some of the same power? Even a little of it? Even if your light had only a trace of the power of starlight, would it not be powerful? Stars are My light shining from the sky. You are My light shining from Earth. What do you think I see when I look at you?

Will you concede that My light is powerful? Can you not then concede that yours is also? Must you read the wattage of your light in order to know?

Do you really think that with all My light I cannot see well? I see very well. I see you very well. I see My light in you very well. You are the one who doesn't.

Does a rose have more light than you? Have you noticed the power of a newborn baby?

Remember the examples of men who walked the earth thousands of years ago and whose light still shines.

Surely your light shines now.

You are making a pathway to Heaven for others to follow. You are clearing the road for those after you or next to you or everywhere. You are clearing the path for those who lived eons ago, for in the realm in which I speak, you influence even the so-called past, the so-called future, and the so-called now.

I am the Cause of light and you are the effect. The effect also shines light. What is lighted is lighted. The light I shine on you blinks back at Me. You have great cause to celebrate. My light lights you. Therefore, you are enlightened, even when you don't realize it.

The world is waiting for you to make a difference to it. All you have to do is to radiate the light I have given you. In order to shine My light, all you have to do is to stop interfering with it. You block your light from yourself and others when you put too much rationale in between. All your various thinking is like putting a lampshade over Our light. You intellectualize that which is beyond intellectualization.

It is enough to know that light exists. What more do you need to know?

Whether or not you believe in My light and My light in you, you have it. And if you have it, you shine it, for it is the nature of light to shine.

You who are full-spectrum light must shine. It is your privilege and it is your obligation.

And so now you say: "Okay, God, I am willing to shine Our light, but how do I do it. How do I turn the switch on? It's not in my conscious control, is it?"

You are right.

Know this: When you feel joy, you are radiating My light. Joy is the switch. Joy in your heart makes My light in you shine for all the world to receive.

When you do not feel joy, you can still extend My light. Give someone else joy, and you will be radiating My light.

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Know this: When you feel

Know this: When you feel joy, you are radiating My light. Joy is the switch. Joy in your heart makes My light in you shine for all the world to receive.

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