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Questions about Heavenletters-mails and translations

I have been sending my translations to no [at] heavenletters [dot] org, but I still haven't received any confirmation if they actually get there? Do they? And if so, are they ok?

Also I was wondering about when the norwegian letters are being sent out. Last time I heard they would be sent to norwegian subscribers when we were 100 persons in total - where are we now?

Beloved Margaretha, my

Beloved Margaretha, my understanding is that when you have 100 translations done, then the idea is to have a Norwegian website which will make it easier for more people to find your translations.

I know Heaven Admin has some ideas about sending out translations.

Translators are key in getting God's love and wisdom out into the world. What you do is so vital.

In addition to inspiring and strengthening the world, translators also strengthen my heart.

God bless the translators.

With love, Gloria

Dear Margaretha, Your

Dear Margaretha,

Your translations are ok and more! I just checked and all the translations have been well received. I ask only that you omit "Gud sa:" in future translations. We will do that automatically. Other than that the rest is perfect.

I had a quick look in the mailing list database and saw that there are over 44 subscribers! Your post in the forum has got things moving Margaretha. I will see about sending your translations out this week. The last Norwegian mail out was done in 2006 and was from a translator called Brit Weisz.

Thank you for moving us ahead Margaretha.

One Love

Oh, that's great! I'm so

Oh, that's great!

I'm so glad they were ok :)