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Dear All,
Is there anybody who whises explaining me the sentence below. From the letter no:2603

Can you not take your life as a spin down Lover's Lane?

This must be about something which human kind takes very seriously. But what?

love you all

Dear Engin, things are often

Dear Engin,
things are often more simple than they seem. This phrase can be translated literally. A 'spin' is a short drive or ride by car, just for fun. Lovers' Lane can also be translated literally. So, the meaning is: Can't you consider your life like a car ride along a street dedicated to Lovers?


Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Ahhhh Paula, You are a

Ahhhh Paula,

You are a Language Magician...Thank you very much, your interpretation is just perfect. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

oceans of love and oceans of appreciation and oceans of amazement....

Engin :wub:

I love the expression --

I love the expression -- Language Magician! That is what all the translators are.