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Dear Gloria and all,

There is an expression which makes me feel blocked :criying:

The letter itself is amazingly beautiful and made me fly , on the other hand......

NO 2514:

"You have a true existence, and it is for you to live in the full light of day. Take those blinders off. Remove them once and for all. I say, "For all," not the least of which is you."

I don't know how to translate the last sentence. Can you pls a bit clarify it?



Dear Gloria, I have just

Dear Gloria, I have just received an e-mail from a distant friend. Here is what she says:

"Engin sometimes I see your translations within group-mails. I enjoy them..."

I did not know that we went PUBLIC ;) I mean this much ;)



Hmm, you ask hard questions!

Hmm, you ask hard questions! How do we translate even our own language! I will give it a try.

First God says the expression "once and for all" which translates to "from now on, forever."

Then He uses "All" again, this time meaning "all people."

I interpret His words to mean: "Everyone is important. All people must remove their blinders to the true joy of life. And all means you, dear Engin (or whoever is reading the Heavenletter). It means everybody, and that means you too."

Does that help?


Do we have some volunteers we could count on?

I imagine that when I'm on the motor trip down to Argentina (three month trip) I really won't be able to, or able to very often. We need to start getting the forum self-sufficient.

Any ideas?

Canim Gloria, Thank you very

Canim Gloria,

Thank you very much, actually this is what I interpret but somehow it is a bit difficult to express it. I will give a try as well. :Rolleyes:

Actually, I have been thinking the same thing. When you are on your way to Argentina what will our questions do ;) ? So we should support each other.

By the way, I saw all the messages you wrote, I replied all of them again and again. I can not help myself, stop myself writing non-stop on the forum and on the blog. I think I became addicted. And I became full-time office employee - but the happiest one- who spends all her days stuck to her computer. :wub:

And my mother is so amazed and happy that you were able to find time to reply her.

I think she will be a constant participant in love . :thumbup:



Because so much wonderful

Because so much wonderful stuff is posted on this forum, this thread may have been shuffled to the bottom.

If you read above, you will see that we are sort of requesting that people pitch in and take care of the translators when they have questions.

Will you kindly respond?

I will try to do my best

I will try to do my best ;)

Gloria, I think you covered

Gloria, I think you covered it well. I would add something though. 'Not
the least of which is you' is like saying.........'Yes, this includes you,
and you, the reader, are more important than you might know. Make
sure you value yourself. You are very important to Me'

It is kind of tricky to word- 'not the least of which' is one of those
phrases, maybe kind of older in use, that somehow seems to make
sense but is hard to put into new words.

Blessings- Faith

I'll be happy to answer

I'll be happy to answer other translators' questions whenever I'll be able to do it.

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Oh Paula welcome to the

Oh Paula welcome to the club, supportive and sportive translators club :thumbup:

An auspicious club!

An auspicious club!

It came to me to call myself

It came to me to call myself rather a 'transporter' than a 'translator!' Why? Because as one who puts the meaning of a spiritual message into another language, I 'transport' it by first deeply understanding it myself and then bring it (transport) it into the other language. I have come to experience, that when I feel the Spirit speak to me through whatever I am translating, it is the same experience when I am actually receiving a direct message myself. I am translating THE WAY OF THE HEART and I feel Jeshua right there with me to inspire and to help. God/Spirit/Jeshua are there for ALL who have willing ears to hear and open hearts to receive.
Love, Veronika