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Question: Are the "Daily Letters" current, in every language?

To everyone at HeavenLetters:
Hello, and thank you, thank you, thank you! These daily messages are SO nourishing to me, right now! Water and oxygen to my soul.

I have a question for you:
I always read HeavenLetters in English, and I've been indulging myself by considering each day's message to be very "current" -- an update on what I need for that day.

But when I read the daily letters also sent to me in Spanish, I notice they have different number labels on them, and different content.

So... I'd love to know how the various letters are either channeled or chosen for daily sharing.

PS: I cannot leave without complimenting whoever does the Spanish translations; the phrasings and word choices are often SO exquisite, so transparent... ¡mil gracias!

Namaste to all!


Beloved Ruth, what a great

Beloved Ruth, what a great question!

Here's what I know:

The Voice for God whispers the words of Heavenletters™ to me. I write them down.

Now, there are translators, and we have several good people who translated Heavenletters into Spanish. I remember that they figured out a system so that two translators wouldn't translate the same Heavenletter. I hope the Spanish translators will come in and comment here as well. This is one reason why the Spanish Heavenletter sent out on a certain day does not coincide with the English Heavenletter.

The translator who single-handedly has translate Heavenletters into Italian for eight years likes to just follow her heart as to which one she chooses to translate. Everyone who translates is a volunteer, and if that's how she likes to do it, it's fine with me.

There are other translators -- Dutch, German, French come to mind -- who translate every day, and their translations and the English Heavenletters come out on the same day.

I want to say more, but I have to take a call right now.

Thank you for your question. Please ask more questions!

With love and blessings,


How daily letters in each language are posted...

Thanks for your sweet answer, Gloria!
All blessings...


Let's hear more from you on

Let's hear more from you on this forum, beloved Ruth. There is also a blog you might enjoy sometimes --

Love, Gloria