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Dear Gloria,
"The sun plays taps." (2530)
Is 'tap' a modern kind of music? I am trying to translate this.
Love, Veronika

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for posting your question.

In the army, there is a soldier who plays the bugle usually at night as an order to put out lights.

Taps is also played at military funerals and memorial services.

I don't know if taps are played in all armies or just the U.S. Army.

Drums may also be played, but I always think of taps as the sound of a bugle.

Does this help, dear Veronika.

With love and blessings,


Well, this is a good

:) Well, this is a good answer. I have learned that if I don't know the German word, use the English one. I shall therefore put 'taps.'
Love, Veronika

Aha! Danke, Veronika.


Danke, Veronika.