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I think prayer is a miracle. For me prayer is a soft intention for love to be sent to myself or someone else. I think God listens to all of our prayers...and relies upon his/her helper: the Holy Spirit to make prayer work. I believe that prayer does work...especially when we open our hearts and tell it like either "it is" or how we believe "it is". God listens to our prayers cause he/she loves us so much and because she/he knows deep down how much we love God. I love prayer so much...and I love all of the religions of the world so much cause deep down they all love God too. And of course all the people that make up all the religions love God deep down...some more deep down than others but that's okay too. Blessings, Jim.

Amen Jim!! My thoughts on

:big Amen Jim!!

My thoughts on prayer might be a wee bit different than the norm HOWEVER I do respect everyone's own way of prayer. I say my thoughts are different than most is because my prayers are more like having a chat with God. These chats happen thorough out the day, at no specific time. In fact, in my view I chat with God all day long as I speak with my fellow brothers and sisters as we're all part of God!