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A Prayer from Jimmy

This is a special prayer from my inner child, Jimmy.

Dear God: May people of all nations, of all colors and cultures, of all faiths, of all ages, from all backgrounds and able and inclined to take just a few moments...from their routines...from their rituals...from their fears...and just rest in their hearts...just for a while...just the sacred center of their feel...just a small measure of peace...and to notice the feel something recognize perhaps a little flowing spring...that cleanses...that refreshes...that rejuvenates. Just a few moments to turn from the din and difficulty of the their precious heart within...where You that they might notice just a wee bit of Your love and peace. Is this too big of a request? I know it is way too big for me to accomplish...but I thought if I asked from my heart to you...that you could maybe do this. It feels okay to ask You this from my heart to yours. I see you God as very giant...but gentle and always filled with Love. And it is up to You whether it is appropriate for you to do this or not. But somehow, for some mysterious reason, I felt prompted to request this in this prayer. May this day and all of your days be filled and nurtured and guided by Love. Your loving friend, Jimmy.

A most beautiful prayer, you

A most beautiful prayer, you have a loving and tender heart.