Perhaps Unbeknownst to You

God said:

There is a treasure within you. This treasure is for you to find. And then you give the treasure away. Your treasure isn’t to have and to hold. You can only share your treasure.

Perhaps one day it is a beautiful sunset you are privileged to see. Perhaps it is one leaf that wafts away from a tree. Perhaps you have caught Infinity out of the corner of your eye.

Something wonderful has occurred, and you held it in your arms or almost held it in your arms. No matter if it vanished before you, go ahead and identify it.

Life is happening at this very moment. Whether you are alone or in a crowd, Life Is Happening. Life is a gift of solid proportions, even when there are no words to express it.

Whatever is on the surface, at dawn or at midnight, you are replete. Whether you take a breath or are breathless, you are in a Lighted Pool of Life. You swim, or you float. You are a breeze in the sun, or you are a butterfly at the window.

You know something wondrous even when you cannot see it or name it.

Names for things, even concrete things, are relatively new. It used to be good enough just to point and say, Ah. And yet to name something is of the utmost importance. It is like a need for food. From names things become stories, running down an unknown path and tumbling into your heart.

There is no end to stories, yet how can stories be Infinite? No, it must be that Truth is Infinite, yet, there is more to it than that. What is "it" actually?

It takes courage to be alive on Earth for all to see.

Nothing is new, and yet everything is new, and you are visible in public.

There are new days, and never the same one ever again. Everything on Earth is change, and change changes.

If only you knew what you were doing, or, if only you could know what you are supposed to be doing? What does it mean to be good, or what does anything at all mean? There is more to you than being good or not good. Surely you are made of more than your behavior. Presentation can't be everything, nor can you be the sum total of what you may try to hide from view either.

There are times you would like to start Life over and play your cards differently. Yet, even so, you have to wonder to what avail?

The fact is that you have a new chance every day. Every day there are new cards passed around. You pick some, and you are dealt some, yet, still, where are you? Where does anything get you?

All you ask for is Beauty and Love. What more do you want? Yet there seems to be always the-as-yet-unknown-more-of-you-that-you-look-for. You have beautiful dancing shoes and beautiful people to dance with, and yet all this is not enough to soothe your heart.

You have God, a God of Wonders, and still you crave more. What is this insistence upon more?

Are there not enough Stars in the Sky? Surely you want more than to accumulate. What is it you crave? More new Stars? A Sun you can approach and hold? You want to dance on air. You want all boundaries gone. You want music that no one has ever heard before. You want to compose music and sing praises. You want Greatness.

Could you desire Greatness unless you were meant to be Great?

Is it that you are too greedy, or that you do not ask for enough?

It has to be that you are more than happenstance.

You yearn to be real. Pinocchio wanted to be real, and he had adventures and became alive.

Perhaps you want to stay home, and you want to travel the world at the same time. What is it you long for, and how do you find it? Could you have it all now yet unbeknownst to you?

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The Treasure Within

Allows Me to Open Up My Heart and Let the Sunshine In. Thank you for the treasure. I AM enjoying the hunt. I smile and laugh at my often funny show. :-)