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I lie here today in remembrance of a day since past
Anxiously awaiting the next to come
And it is only this fear
This constant yet penetrable fear
That seems stand in my way
Shall I become overwhelmed by its presence or face unwavering its "reality"?
Shall I take up arms intent on destruction or understand its illusion as the wise at heart reveal the foolish of tongue?
Only eternity can explain the nature of foreverness
Yet if I live this Now
Perhaps I shall remember her touch
And if I take this step
Mayhap her song shall revisit the chambers of my heart
Those who are one with the night and record its echoes are indeed sacred to me
Yet those who walk with the day are equally as near
For even as this soul rises in exaltation with creations of angels
So too does this body remain an experiencer of the makings of man
And I would proclaim that both
Not one or the other
Shall bring me closer to perfection
Which is a child at play
Our presence within the day
And the trend to willingly abide with then transcend our fears along the way

Mike, do you write a poem a

Mike, do you write a poem a day?

These are great, Mike.

Thank you.

With love and blessings,


thanks Gloria...this is one

thanks Gloria...this is one i wrote when i first started writing and as i was heavily influenced by Kahlil Gibran at the time, by style but more so 'cause he's like my other half as it were, this one has a bit of his feel...and i edited it a bit tonight...maybe i'll send some coming up that are similar to this...they have a different feel than the current more automatic writing ones....thanks for the reply...mike

A poem a day keeps the

A poem a day keeps the doctor aways ?? :Rolleyes: Defenitively YES, and it keeps the heart flying high in love light and joy!!! :p

I love Khalil !!!

hugs and love