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As Paz, Como Peace

People can say what they will
About "God's Will"
About our"selves"
Someone "else"
Possibly not fitting the bill
Yet ultimately
In the grand scheme of things divine
We are more than just some squiggled lines
Inked on paper
Either competing for current position
Or biding our time
The truth
If we must so define
Our current "reality" is in pencil more than anything else
With us penciling in
What will or will not be
For invariably, inevitably
We Are
Eternity's greatest Desire and Guarantee
Pretending temporarily to lack and get by
To seemingly overcome or surpass through some fight
In wholeness we abide and reside
As Paz
Como Peace
Siempre libre
Always free
To experience as we wish, yes
Yet more so to the point
Created by Love
Are we forever together, joined
As Creation's Wish
To Be
And what Love brings forth into Being
Can never
Then, "not be"
Truly be cast aside
As if one body complete
That's been divided
Made of and then subject to time
We fully remain
The same
Unconfined to illusory games
For lack of a better word or phrase
The offspring
In whom the Parent is well pleased
With no "provided's"
Only provided for
No matter the condition at hand
For God's Plan is not that of man

michael :)

Oh Mike, sweet poet, I love

Oh Mike, sweet poet, I love these divine expressions you share with us !!

Love and blessings

Thanks, Dearest Friend

Thanks, Dearest Friend Berit...Thanks To God you're in my, in all of our lives...mike:)