Overtures Now

God said:

You are eternal. It is the physical that is not.

That you are eternal does not mean that you have forever to begin. Do not wait for life to appear. Do not wait until some other day to become friends with your neighbor. If you wait, your neighbor may move away before you get around to it.

Let no opportunity of joining hearts pass by you.

When you have the impulse to make a gesture towards another, that is the time to do it.

When you are a fisherman, you throw little fish back. But you are a catcher of impulses, and impulses of love are not to be thrown out. Nor are they to be saved for another day. They are to be used. The closer an impulse of love and its action, the more powerful. Unacted on, ideas can dwindle away. Opportunity to act can also dwindle away. You may only remember your heart was going to greet your neighbor when your find their house is for sale, and then you feel it is too late to greet them now that they are leaving.

It is for you to incorporate your thoughts of love into overtures now. You have waited long enough.

It is not enough to write great music in your mind. You must compose it and share it. What else is it for? And what are you for but to share?

Sometimes you hesitate to make overtures because you fear they will not be well received. Your mind makes objections. In that case, abandon those objections. When you keep thoughts of possible rejection, you have made a choice to abandon your own heart. If you do not keep your troth with your own beating heart, who will?

Follow your impulse of heart. Follow it closely. Do not let anything deter you from it. Impulses of heart are calls from Me. You do not need to know why your heart is calling you. You don't need to know why you are to knock at your neighbor's door. What does why have to do with it? What explanations do you need before you follow the beckoning of your heart?

You have made plenty of to-do lists with many tasks to perform, this and that to accomplish, this and that to check off.

Add to your list today: "Follow my heart. Find out where it wants me to go, and what deed to perform. Where does my heart want to venture today, and what does it want me to do so that it may feel fulfilled."

Add to your list today: "Important reminder: Remember my purpose in life."

Add: "Question: Is it my purpose in life to get a list of things done?"

Add: "Question: What is my heart trying to tell me? Today I will listen."

Your heart is not a wild animal that you need to be timid with. Your heart is a heart of all possibilities and it tries to tell you something important that you truly long to hear. Your heart is like a trainer. It offers you treats so that you will come to it. Your heart knows full well that it is in your best interest to come to it. Let your heart be your conductor, for your heart holds the baton. Your intellect is like the cellist who makes beautiful music by following the movements of the baton.

The intellect is good at many things, but it is not the leader of you. The intellect is heartless. But the heart is not mindless.

If you are here to be a giver of love in the world, begin now.