Out of the Whirlwind

God said:

It would seem as if Life Itself has moods, yet Life just moseys along, doing what Life does. Life is not a snow plow, yet Life does seem to plow along without particular regard to who or what gets in its way.

Life isn't exactly obstinate, nor does Life exactly debate its choice. Whatever befalls, be it tornado or drought, Life seems to be impartial. Nevertheless, no one escapes Life, yet some seem to be more caught up in it while some seem to more observers from out of the whirlwind.

You can speculate and speculate on Life, trying to figure it out, yet Life does what it does. Life plays its cards, as it were, while it zips right along. Life doesn't look back. What can stand in Life's way?

Life has its work to do, and Life doesn't hesitate. Life does as it does and doesn't debate the turns it takes. Sometimes Life is great fun, and you roll down its hills. Sometimes Life seems to be helter-skelter. Life leaves in its wake what it leaves in its wake. Life doesn't diddle-daddle. There is nothing wishy-washy about Life. Life's rudder is set. It acts like the Ocean. Nothing can get in its way. Nothing is strong enough to stop it.

Life seems to have its instructions, and it follows them to the T without detour. Life does not hem and haw. Life seems to gallop. Life doesn't seem to ever be undecided or unsure of itself.

Life runs through the ramparts. Life takes no prisoners, yet Life can leave tumult in its wake.

Life is impersonal, yet most all partakers of Life take Life personally. Life has its way with everyone, big or small. No one outsmarts Life. Soon or late, everyone bows to Life, makes peace with Life or, if not, straggles along as it does. In one way or another, everyone hies to Life or, at the very least, hobbles along with it.

Life has its say, and Life has its way.

What is this screenplay of Life? Life is strong. Life winds you around its little finger. You can yell all you want, yet Life seems to raise you up and, at its will, knocks you down. Nevertheless, more goes on in Life than meets the eye.

Through it all, Life is a gift. Amid Life on Earth, I reside, the Quiet Eye of what seems like turbulence. Greater than Life as it appears, am I, ever riding the Seas and the calms with you. Through all that is beyond your understanding, I am for you, and I am with you. Through it all, you and I ride through Life. You are not misbegotten. Life is not so wayward as you may think.

Life is no match for Me. I carry you through the Winds of Life. Through all that seems like a rampage, Life is about you, and Life is for you. There is rhyme and reason. There is significance. There is purpose, and Life Itself guides you. It does pick you up, and it brings you back Home to Me.

Your arrival is assured. Hail to Life. It rounds you up and carries you far. Hail to Life. You may not understand Life, yet Life knows what it is doing.
So what if Life carries you seemingly randomly! Life supports you. What if, beyond your understanding, Life carries you here and there. There is no end to Life, and there is no end to your Life. What if all this you call Life is a dream anyway? Despite all perceived Storms of Life, Life also provides you with an Oasis.

Angels do exist. Life wears off your roughness. Life takes you to Me in your awareness. Life does not supersede My Love. Life strengthens you. Life refurbishes you. You, too, are a featured player in Life. You are in the Play List of Life, and you perform on its stage.

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this is good...some peace and comfort in this....

Yes! Good to hear from you

Yes! Good to hear from you again, Steve