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Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight

It's been said
Out of sight
Out of mind
And when it comes to something we'd wish to get or forget
To invites or dislikes in our lives
I imagine we've all experienced this to be true
Yet what about the other way around?
That out of mind
Creates sightlessness?
In two types of ways
# 1
The way to experience density in all forms
Is to put formlessness
Out of mind
In order
To know what it is to "be" out of order
Sight then must be regulated to the corner
Making a space and time
When and where
True Seeing
Becomes the latter in our matters instead of the Former
# 2
Now that We As A People are turning the corner
To Knowing we're already
Always Home
As we "return" our Self to Right Mind
Remembering there is no "alone"
Ever-present Life, Light and Love
IS then
In and Of
All that we See
Perhaps in the end
Out of sight, out of mind
Or the other way around
Is really the same thing turned upside down
Yet as our greatest goal is to the highest degree, perceive
Regardless of semantics
Irrespective to how it's phrased
The point being
Is that the day is more than a maze when and where we lose or find our way
More than our piece of clay to form or to which we are conformed
It's our Time
To Be
All times
It's our Space
And spacious

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007