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Sacredly Wed

If I go my way
Yet without you
I've lost my way
Yet am I found
For You
Are everything
The Within of the Around
Whether perceived as little or grand
You're every sight and sound
The light in the sky
The matter
What matters
On top of
Or underneath the ground
Therefore, it simply could be said
That dying
Being dead
Isn't about the body stilled of energetic form
It's the unrealization
That separation
Is but the limited perception
The projection
Of repetitive, outdated thought
Coming from our head
In Knowing all As uncompetitive Life
Our heading
Our direction
Is perfectly pointed
No matter our left or right
We're always
In all ways
In the Right
Sacredly Wed

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

Most beloved and sweetest

Most beloved and sweetest divine Father,

thank you for sending us right now and here this Angel Poet !!

With Love and Gratitude :wub:

an equal prayer of Thanks

an equal prayer of Thanks for You, Berit and all on this Site...Mike:)

And so it is! Quite

And so it is!

Quite beautiful Mike, as always!

With Love and gratitude for your loving heart ~