Our Story of Entwinement by Heart

God said:

From My heart arises your heart. To your heart flows Mine.

This is the Whole Story I bequeath to you, yet My children need to hear so many verses, and again and again. You want chapter after chapter. A condensation is not enough. You want the ins and outs and sub-chapters. You want everything tied together, perhaps with little ribbons.

Of course, what you really want is Revelation. You want to learn Our Story by Heart. You want to see the Story laid out before you. You so want to get the Story right, the Story of Our Entwinement.

I tell you directly that you always knew Our Story. You knew it long ago. Our Story has cascaded to you again and again. You never want to miss a word. You fear that the Story of You and of Me will fade. You want to prevent this from happening at all costs. You want to be sure you know all the words. You want to be sure you have it right. You want reassurance daily.

Of course, Beloveds, all Our Stories are written. Do you or do you not have My DNA? We have walked far together again and again.

Knowing Me means that there can be no loss of knowing Me, yet you are not sure that you and I are united forever more. I tell you that We are One Unitedness. I tell you again and again. We are permanent. We are Infinite. You have all of Me, and yet you crave more of Me.

Well, it is good to crave Me. It is also good to know that you have Me close to you with all Our Might. There is no way Our Connection can be broken. Beloveds, We are in for the long haul. There are no interruptions. There are no disconnects, except you carry the fear that I could be lost to you.

You cannot lose Me. Once embraced, We are embraced. It is only in your thoughts that you can wander. The Truth is Truth. You worry for nothing. I carry you with Me and am not apart from you not even for one second.

How can you be missing the Seal I stamped on you? We are one irreversible One. Nothing can part Us or part from Us. Yet your fears can scare you, and your scars go deep. Fear is not based on Truth. Fear does a number on you. You believe so well in fear.

Beloveds, believe less in fear. It isn’t so much that you don’t believe in Me. It is yourself you don’t believe in. You may, however, shift your responsibility onto Me. You may say I have abandoned you. Your fear of Aloneness is so great you trust in your fear. Fears do not belong to you first. Stamp your foot at fear. Fear has no business with you. You are not to traffic in fear. Take no stock in fear, none whatsoever. Follow Me. Forgo fear. Undo your knots of fear. Fear gums up the works. You see the shadows of fear loom over you. You believe in fear more than you believe in Love.

Fear is a charlatan. Fear pulls the wool over your eyes. Fear is a figure of speech.

You can declare fear as much as you want, and the Truth is unchanged. You play a game with yourself. For a few rolls of the dice, you forswear Truth. Is this folly or what? What do you gain but insecurity? You can’t make insecurity any kind of winner. You play a losing game. Let go of fear. Consciously join with Me, and We shall all the treasures prove. We are One. Never the twain shall We ever be.

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"Why fear when I am here ?"

"Why fear when I am here ?"

Loving God


Loving me is Loving you Dear God. I apologize that my Innocence took on conditions of fear very early in this life. I Now let them go and choose to see my self worth. I live my 12 spiritual abilities of faith, strength, wisdom, love, power, imagination, will, order, understanding, zeal, elimination and life with grace, ease and gratitude. I AM indeed blessed by this community.