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This, Our Love


I use the expression, My Kids
For As My Expressions, You Live
Yet in the same breath
The All of You, Is
No less
Than full-fledged
Spiritually grown
Women and Men
Though I Am Your Creator
You're just as much
My Brothers and Sisters
My Friends
As My Kids
In this
Our Love

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Oh yes...whether it is

Oh yes...whether it is mates, spouses, siblings, kids, parents, cousins, friends...even so called "strangers" all of these particulars...delightfully dissolve in the vast sea of Love. Thank you Michael for this gentle reminder. Lovingly, Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Jimi, Thank You for

Jimi, Thank You for this..for lovingly reminding how God is in each and everyone...equally...evenly...i love the concept of Lovers as intimacy with everything...on the light and easy but souldeep too! michael :)


This is PURE LOVE, NECTARINE BLISS directly from God by our heavenly poet ! :wub:

THANK YOU !!!! :Rolleyes:

And God replies...Sweetest

And God replies...Sweetest Liver of Life, Easer of strife, Angel Berit, Daughter of Mine...Thank You Precious One for all the Love that You share...For how much you care...For Being the Peace...For Your openess of Being, that Sees, the Truth of each...As Me...and in gratitude mike most definately concurs :blushing: :thumbup: :wub: :big

My heart can't help, but to

My heart can't help, but to warm up, every time I read what comes from your Heart, dear Michael!
Light and Love shines through all of them. We are blessed to have you here!


awww Xenia, the blessings

awww Xenia, the blessings are all equally mine! gratefully, mike:)