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Our Grandest Circumstance

"There's two sides to every coin"
May be seen, perceived
As the way things are
Which is fine
Light must have dark
For yin and yang to play it's part
As in
"No two snowflakes are alike"
The coin's equal value
The inherent neutrality
Over differing values
That all snowflakes come from the same Height
This is the point
We come from love's point
Of View
That ultimate Truth
Is more important than taking sides
For allowance
Coming from balance
Isn't really about coddling fear and pain
Upholding division as the way
Rather, peace offers us
In trust
That not matter what
Joy is the continuous way
And walking a different route
Than the other road "diverged in a yellow wood"
Has no real bearing
When contrasted against everyone having their bearings
Wherever we are
Whomever we're with
This is our grandest circumstance and situation
That allows life to turn comedic
Instead of some heavy, dramatic flic
In constant fluctuation